stiff 2019 workshopTHE STIFF FILM CIRCLE is a discursive segment of the International Film Festival. Aside from reinforcing professional growth of the young film lovers, it also educates and raises future festival audiences.

The goal of the STIFF FILM CIRCLE  is to open the public space towards a dialogue that extends outside the institutions i.e. the “safe zone” of the University – and to create a fresh, neutral space for learning through practice, communication and cooperation. The four main discursive programmes within the STIFF FILM CIRCLE are: On-the-field education, After screening discussion panels, Film Workshops and STIFF On the Road.

Within the educational programmes titled “On-the-field education”, STIFF’s administrative team is leading the students through specific activities which come as part of the festival itself: job roles such as PR, social media management, creation of subtitles, translation, design, hospitality and working with special guests, as well as public presentation – are all offered to students for volunteer participation. This is a way for students to connect, learn new skills, socialise and have fun while creating the festival and until it becomes their own.

After screening discussion panels intent to tackle certain contemporary issues, touching on themes of sexuality, identity, education, politics. These late night talks are curated and moderated by Greta Grakalić-Rački, Petra Bezjak and Natalija Stefanović. Joined by their special guests they open the discussion towards the audiences.

The theme of the 6th edition of STIFF is Fear. In line with the theme a rich educational programme, Fearless Filmmaking (15th – 20th October 2019), consisting of series of workshops, lectures and talks that will guide us through methods of resistance and struggle against fear and oppression. Special emphasis will be given to brave and creative expressions and decisions in film and art in general.