22. - 26. November 2023, 13:00 - 19:00, SKC Gallery

Opening 22 November 2023 at 9PM, SKC Gallery
the exhibition is open until 26 November from 1 until 7PM

Démodé exhibition showcases works that deal with themes of passage of time and change over the last decade. Through different audio-visual formats and perspectives, authors address global and intimate transformations happening alongside growth and development of communication and information technologies, climate crisis, wars and other societal changes influenced by the capitalist system. Putting in contrast the lack of living in the moment and the being overworked with the appeal to emerge from virtual reality, using deeply intimate scenes and reviews of social reality, young artists question past and present actions that led us to the current situation, whilst querying about the future.

Global processes of the past decade form the lives of the individuals and social reality. Even though the act of thinking about whirlwind passage of time brings about the notion of one’s transience and responsibility towards the future that may not seem brighter than the already bleak present, the artists and their works provide us with the notion that we are not alone, and convey the idea that our human experience in the individualised world of today is, in reality, more of a collective experience than we sometimes think. The exhibition thus encourages the viewer to become an active participant in creating positive changes for the common good, with the awareness that the only true constant is change itself.

Artists: Marc Lee (CH), Valentin Fedorov (RU), Pauline Blanchet (FR/MK), Aino Kontinen (FI), Nicole Kouts (BR), Terry Cole (US), Clara Pallí Monguilod (ES/NL), Anxious to Make (US), Kemil Bekteši (RS), Jelena Kovačev and Jelena Petrić (HR), Petra Mrša (HR), Gabriel Hensche (DE)