Out loud, 18:00


Sometimes we talk a lot, but in the end we say nothing. What is really important remains unspoken, drowning in empty words and the trivial everyday life that temporarily fills the invisible void. In the Croatian fiction film “It’s not cold for mosquitoes,” the protagonist alleviates his isolation by engaging in constant conversations with numerous household visitors, just as we’ve all become accustomed to.

On the other hand, the warm and close relationship between an aunt from Bosnia and Herzegovina and her niece from Switzerland in the documentary “Life Line” inspires us to always hold what we have in our hands. The open and honest Slovak animated film “Ana” tells the story of a struggle against anorexia, while the unexpected arrival of granddaughter Zoja disturbs the seemingly peaceful family rhythm and routine in the film “Liquid Bread”


It’s no Cold for Mosquitoes

Josip Lukić and Klara Šovagović, fiction, 29’, Croatia, 2022

The end of 2021 is approaching in the Croatian capital. Karlo (33) lives in his mother’s apartment in the centre, works from home and occasionally hangs out with friends.

Production: Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia
Distribucija: Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia


Life Line

Sara Čolić and Aline Bavier, documentary, 20’, Switzerland, 2022

Ljiljana, 65 years old, lives in the town of Derventa in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been a widow for eight years. For a long time, Ljiljana has been talking about her desire to make a change in her life. Sara, her niece from Switzerland, pays her a visit with her camera and uses the film to showcase her vibrant personality.

Production: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), Švicarska
Distribution: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), Švicarska



Romana Candráková, animation, 7’, Slovakia, 2022

A story abstractly describing the struggle of a young girl with an eating disorder. Drowning in remorse, fragments of her past are revealed, which is intertwined with a struggle with obsessive control, helplessness and fear. The fear of the continuation of this cycle is justified, because the disease takes a little bit of Ana herself with each denied bite.

Production: Academy of Performing Arts – Film & TV Faculty Bratislava, Slovakia
Distribution: Academy of Performing Arts – Film & TV Faculty Bratislava, Slovakia


Liquid Bread

Alica Bednáriková, fiction, 26’, Slovakia, 2021

Southern Slovakia, hot summer days, a family of three generations meets under one roof. An unexpected visit from Zoja, the granddaughter, stirs up the peaceful routine. Within a quiet presence of God and alcohol, the family untails it’s tragicomical past and a few (almost) unsaid secrets.

Production: Academy of Performing Arts – Film & TV Faculty Bratislava, Slovakia
Distribution: Academy of Performing Arts – Film & TV Faculty Bratislava, Slovakia

Tremors, 20:00


Some lives are paved with obstacles that are either too high to overcome or relentlessly persistent. Yet even in such undeserved and challenging fates, there is an indestructible spark of life. The Israeli drama “No Hearts in Stock” follows two girls whose lives are put on hold in hospital rooms until they find new hearts. In the modern world of LED light bulbs, classic light bulbs endure social exile in the Hungarian animated film “Lights,” where light, in whatever form, can ultimately dispel all darkness.

The Canadian documentary “The Repair Shop” follows the inspiring journey of young queer female auto mechanics in a workshop where they and their customers can finally be who they are.In the touching German drama “Of Kisses and Capes,” a young couple who are persons with disabilities plan their first time.


No Hearts in Stock

Shahar Shabtay, fiction, 26’, Israel, 2022.

While in the hospital, waiting for a heart transplant for her father, Dana (23) meets Oren (26) – a rebellious, funny young woman waiting for a transplant in the same ward. As the two start to fall for each other a heart arrives for her father, and Dana’s left torn between guilt and hope.

Production: Ariel University, Israel
Distribution: Costanza Film Distribution, Israel



Adél Palotás, animation, 8’, Hungary, 2022

The „LIGHTS” animation short’s characters are people with lamp heads, who are living in a modern city. These robot like beings are made in a factory, where our main character is working, but he is different from the others because of his old incandescent lamp head, which isn’t accepted by the new LED lamp generation. He needs to hide it, but when his secret is discovered, he has to run away from the city, but the outside world has a more shocking truth.

The lamp people’s society is a metaphor of our, human society. The message wants to reflect on discrimination between groups with different culture, origin, appearance, religion, orientation, etc. Also it wants to draw attention to our continous seek for new products and throwing away the old ones.

Production: Budapest Metropolitan University. Hungary
Distribution: Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary


The repair shop

Namai Kham Po, documentary, 12’, Canada, 2022

Kathy Tran and Agnès Gaudreau work as auto mechanics at Bâtiment 7, a collective-run space that facilitates the integration of minorities. We get to know them through this inspiring place where they’re truly able to be themselves.

Production: INIS, Canada
Distribution: INIS, Canada


Of kisses and capes

Elena Weiss, fiction, 28’, Germany, 2022

Isi and Finn are planning their first time. A difficult endeavor, not only because of their physical disabilities but also because of their insecurities and lack of communication, which almost jeopardizes their relationship.

Production: Hamburg Media School, Germany
Distribution: Hamburg Media School, Germany