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STIFF2023 Abberations

Persistence is a virtue, but another virtue is knowing when to pause and change direction. Deviating refreshes our perspective and widens our view of problems we’ve been closely and unsuccessfully fixated on. Being aware that our perspective isn’t the only one, and also might be far from the truth, makes it easier to engage with others. In the exceptional Russian drama “Red, Yellow, Green,” a young female mechanic seeks a way to steer her terminally ill father away from suicide.

A young artist with low self-confidence goes through a full-blown existential crisis on the day of his academy entrance exam in the Hungarian animated film “The Garden of Heart.” The Slovak documentary “After the Wedding ” follows peculiar partners and passionate toy collectors who, after 12 years of living together, find themselves facing a life-changing event – their wedding – and the question of how to reconcile their personal passions for collecting with their everyday shared life.


Red, Yellow, Green

Vera Vasileva, igrani film, 30’, Russia, 2023

Lena works as a car mechanic, tries to talk her father Victor into a healthy lifestyle. Everything goes well on until Victor gives her a present in the form of a suicide note on New Year’s Eve 2020.

Producer: Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Russia
Distribution: Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Russia


The Garden of Heart

Olivér Hegyi, animation, 11’, Hungary, Slovakia, 2022

Dániel Juhász, a young aspiring painter with low self-esteem, is in his last round of interviews at the painting department of the Academy of
Fine Arts. While waiting for his interview, his demons appear to him
in the form of garden pests.

Producer: CUB Animation, Hungary, Artichoke, Slovakia
Distribution: Bonobostudio, Croatia


After the Wedding

Matej Klucik, documentary, 20’, Slovakia, 2022

A portrait of the relationship of toy collectors Ľuba and Janka, who after twelve years of cohabitation found themselves facing a life event – a wedding. The approaching commitment forces them to re-evaluate their lives and thus several “misunderstandings” about the future functioning of their relationship and household surface.

Production: Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Distribution: Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica, Slovakia