Festival Opening Ceremony,
Half-time, 19:00


The sound interrupts the match, a warning that it is time for a break, that the game has its course and that we are now halfway through. We are in an intermediate state of interruption and waiting. In an expressive collage of archetypes, the animated film Animal Locomotion creates an associative vortex of breaths and sighs in lamentation about the repressed animal instinct in humans.

In the fiction film Blue Noise, an unexpected embrace is a long-needed rest for a young and lonely soul. Then, imprisoned in half-time, on the first pages of her thesis, the heroine of the documentary film Me Myself ANDI is absorbed in the crazy rhythm of emotions, needs, and desires that play their own game in that huge break in life.


Animal Locomotion

Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota, animation, 8’, Israel, 2021

A non-narrative animated film of mixed media that deals with human systems and the animal self repressed within it.
Ever since becoming conscious the human race has moved away from its animal nucleus by social mechanisms it has developed, these guard and protect it but also oppress and make it miserable. Thus man reaches a breaking point, abandons his clothing, his values and everything he perceived as sacred and goes on for a beastly and passionate celebration.


Blue Noise

Simon Maria Kubiena, fiction, 16’, Germany/Austria, 2022

A young apprentice craftsman is dazed, and not only due to the noise at work. In a chaotic world, among dominant colleagues, an inaccessible father and a demanding girlfriend, the young man seeks closeness. In the process, he crosses a boundary and gets to know himself a bit better.

Producer: Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg
Distribution: Lemonade Films


Me Myself Andi

Lili Zahavi, documentary, 43’, Germany, 2022

Lisa is in her 14th semester of studying to be a teacher. She’s been trying to write her bachelor’s thesis for years, and now she has only six weeks left till the deadline. It’s summer, it’s hot and she has to take care of her dog and her plants and yet again her mother has gone missing for months.
Lisa gets carried away by the endless possibilities of procrastination. The intended documentation of progress turns into a kaleidoscope of inner conflicts.

Producer: Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg
Distribution: Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg