Arcade (workshops)
26. - 27.11. / Gallery SKC, Palach

The workshop program Arcade invites you to question your own perception of the artwork. The participants will look at the works in physical and virtual space, play with the relationship between the text (concept) and the work itself, and place their own perception, experience and knowledge as a starting point for understanding the artistic work in the given context.

In each workshop, participants will learn a specific skill from the field of performing, visual arts and literature: dance improvisation, recording and digital processing, and blackout poetry technique. Playing with different ways of seeing/experiencing/understanding a work of art encourages expression and emphasizes the authentic experience of the observer.

How To Visit the Exhibition? - dance improvisation workshop with the focus on moving through the gallery space
saturday, 26/11 / 10:00 - 13:00 / SKC Gallery, Palach

Author: Kristina Paunovski, RIJEKA TRAVEL – ARTissue

The workshop experiments with ​​physically inhabiting the exhibition space, inviting participants to reflect on their own way of moving through the gallery, interacting with the works, examining how the experience of the work changes depending on the speed and manner of movement and observation.

What if I enter the showroom backwards? What happens if I perceive the work with only one of my senses? Is there a difference in the experience of work that I observe for a few seconds or an hour?

 The workshop will focus on the exploration of space and the body through its expressive possibilities, using improvisational and compositional tools with an emphasis on releasing the creative impulse.

New possibilities in the research of dance, space and artistic work will deal with questions such as how to experience the exhibition with the body and how to interpret the theme with a dance performance.

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Mentor: Kristina Paunovski

Kristina Paunovski was born in Rijeka. She is currently a student at the Academy of Visual Arts AVA in Ljubljana. She previously completed Event and Leisure Management, Univ. bacc. father (FMTU), and studied at the dance academy AHK-Amsterdam School of the Arts, majoring in dance pedagogy (2010-2011).

Artistic director of the K2K Dance Center where she teaches dance, choreographs and acts as a moderator. She is the founder of the ARTissue platform, which deals with movement and visual arts research. In her work, Paunovski focuses on researching contemporary dance and street-club styles. Her field of interest is the boundaries between physical and virtual, underground and commercial, and last but not least, inclusion in the cultural and creative industries. Author of the works “Body Exhibition”, “ARTissue – Situations”, “Photo Exhibition”, and various site-specific performances. She was engaged in the musical EVITA, the play by the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajca Rijeka as well as “Alfa Romeo Jankovits” where she worked through choreographic engagement, as a performer she participated in the performances “Grit”, “Games of Zen”, “Jukebox”. She is the organizer of the festival of creativity: kRIˈeɪshən project 14’15’17 in Rijeka.

What do I take with me when I leave the gallery? - a workshop on experimental digitization of content with a focus on impression/experience
saturday, 26/11. / 13:00 - 16:00 / SKC Gallery, Palach

Author: Josipa Baljak

Every exhibition we visit leaves a certain impression. These impressions change in memory; we often forget what delighted us and remember something completely different. In order to record impressions, we often observe the exhibition through the lens of a mobile phone camera.

What if we could take the works we meet at the exhibition with us in virtual form?

The workshop invites the participants to explore the exhibition space with a camera, then guides them through the techniques of recording and processing images and sound, and ultimately creating a filter for a selfie application that will serve as a playing tool – improvisation with a memory.

The result of the workshop is the digitization of the exhibition content, the presentation of artworks in a virtual space that is accessible to a global audience. We will play with the idea of ​​digitizing the exhibition, exploring how to virtually present the experience of visitors instead of individual works.

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Mentor: Josipa Baljak

Josipa Baljak is an artist and sculptor who is constantly searching for an interesting moment that she will translate into her artistic creation. In addition to constantly playing with different techniques, materials and approaches in her work, she often finds inspiration in working with children of different ages, thoughts, emotions and interests. Her goal of creation may not be to change the world, but she is trying to change her attitude towards the world. Until now, she has had numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, two solo exhibitions and several public works, the most prominent of which is a stone sculpture located in Brtonigla and a group exhibition at the International Biennale of Glass in Bulgaria.

How do I read art? - blackout poetry workshop with a focus on understanding contemporary artwork
sunday, 27/11 / 11:00 - 14:00 / SKC Gallery, Palach

Blackout poezija, Ulična Aristokracija

By getting to know the exhibition, we create meanings. Later in conversation with other people, we realize how they differ from each other. The blackout poetry workshop will play with reading the exhibition. Using exhibition texts, concepts, biographies and their own reviews of individual works, attendees are invited to critically reflect on the exhibition’s narrative and the themes that the works deal with, and to rearrange, disassemble and assemble meanings.

We will look for the poetics of the concepts, and create new meanings through creative reduction.

Blackout is a method of thought recycling that creates a type of ready-made poetry: by crossing out the content, the participants will select words and phrases from the texts that will form a new text.

The focus of this process is play, association, frustration, subconsciousness and abstraction.

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Mentors: Petra Čargonja, Natalija Stefanović

Petra Čargonja (1987) graduated in cultural studies in Rijeka. During her studies, she wrote for the feminist web portal Vox Feminae. She published an e-collection of poetry “Sto corneta o bljubavi”. After her studies, she works at the Liburnia film festival as a moderator of conversations with directors, and at the International Student Film Festival – STIFF, designing the discursive part of the program that deals with relevant social, political and cultural topics; as PR manager; and as a festival producer. She is a member of the independent initiative of Spačke, which deals with the education of young people in the field of contemporary art and critical thinking. She is currently attending Gestalt psychotherapist training.

Natalija Stefanović is a visual artist, a member of the production collective Street Aristocracy (Ulična Aristokracija), which operates at the intersection of art, activism and education. She is the co-author of the platform Photoshop for Proletarians, which deals with questions of aesthetics, work and power in the age of late capitalism. She works in the field of artistic production, edits, shoots and directs music videos, feature films and short films. She creates and exhibits collages, analog and digital, static and moving.