all GAME no PLAY
thursday, 24/11 / 21:00 / Gallery SKC, Palach

Lucija Ostrogović, Apartmanisation inside and out: sketch for a game, 2022

The exhibition program all GAME no PLAY recreates the world around us, appropriating familiar patterns and flexing them, bringing everyday habits to absurdity. We interact with artworks in a constructed space where desires, needs and circumstances take a vague form, leaving us with unclear goals to strive for.

While losing the aspiration for the future, we find ourselves in someone else’s body, speaking someone else’s words, entering someone else’s houses and beds. Gathered artists throw around the constructs of the past to disrupt the authorities of the present, offer advice from children, and provoke the overturning of the dynamics of our interpersonal relationships in order to find equality.

The exhibition establishes a framework for play to examine our everyday lives. Meeting at the intersection of contemporary art, play, and social interaction, presented artworks activate the visitor to confirm experiencing art as a physical act. Gathered international artists take a different view on what it means to be human in an artificial environment and show us how we can build communities that collaborate rather than compete while playing the game of (co)existence.

 Artists: Helena Roig Prats (ES/NL), Sidney Mullis(US), Lucija Ostrogović(HR), Clara Pallí Monguilod (ES/NL), Maria Chiara Ziosi (IT/NL), Nikolina Krstičević (HR), Kexin Hao (CN/NL)

EXHIBITION IS OPEN: 24. – 27. 11. 2022 – THUR 21 – 01 H FRI / SAT / SUN 10:00 – 18:00H

Extended play - Artist talk
friday, 25/11 / 21:30 / Gallery SKC, Palach

Helena Roig Prats, A two way, 2022

Do big players, state powers or artists determine the rules of the game which penetrate our lives and shape our experience? Do policymakers or authors dominate the space and enforce their will, with the consent or complaints of other actors? Do we allow manipulation of our own experience and actions – because we have no choice or want to be guided? Are we marionettes at the exhibition, whose strings are pulled by artists? Will we rebel or will we continue to play?

Discussion moderator: Katarina Erak

Maria Chiara Ziosi : Some Songs (Perfomance)
friday 25/11/ 22:30 / Gallery SKC, Palach

Maria Chiara Ziosi, Some Songs, 2022

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about conversations.

I like to steal common words that I hear. I write them down.

Sometimes I think that common words are always too many or too simple if put into small talk.

At the same time, I realize that these common words are often my favourite way of dealing with art every day.


Maria Chiara

Artist Maria Chiara Ziosi collected sentences from crowded places: buses, public laundries and chat rooms and organized them into songs.
These mundane verses are presented on karaoke and accompanied by music composed by the artist.

The karaoke device creates a short circuit between need and negation, recalling the typical collective enthusiasm of the medium itself, presented in a sort of melancholic environment.
This body of work centers the question: in the name of what do we speak – act?
The search for a missing name through collective singing becomes the only way to pose the need for speaking – acting.

Maria Chiara Ziosi will perform in a club-style setting, and she will leave the stage for the audience to sing.