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Shifting, 17:00


What to do when you feel that you’ve outgrown the very life that took you ages to construct? To completely abandon the habits, relationships, and practices that define a person might be hard if not impossible so a slight shift might be better to aim for. Raphael, of the film Dogwatch is a middle-aged man balancing a security guard job he loathes and providing care for his ill mother. He finds himself in circumstances that force him to leave behind the life he knows again and again. The young and successful influencer portrayed in the film To the Stars

is no longer content and feels like a prisoner of the industry that created her while her even younger devotee tries to follow in her footsteps. In the film Home, a compulsive hoarder is trying to put in order her apartment that she crammed with a ton of stuff over the years. The place is in such a state that it’s hard to even move around it for her and her twelve feline companions. You can’t make the shift happen with just courage and determination. It takes a little imagination as well. My Fishdad and I shows Yael confronting his overbearing father figure with the aid of playful fantasy.



Albin Wildner, fiction, 33 min, Austria, 2019

After losing his life-long position at an industrial corporation, Raphael is forced to take an underwhelming job as a night-time security guard. He recently moved back in with his mother, who is cared for by the dedicated nurse Vera. Through her support, Raphael gradually learns to cope with his new life situation, but a tragic incident shatters his world once more.


To The Stars

Štefánia Lovasová, fiction, 18 min, Slovakia, 2019

Instagram star Táňa perceives her life as a routine. Into her world of colorful hairstyles and milkshakes enters Ari, her secret and very shy fan. But a newly acquired friendship doesn’t necessarily save every falling star.



Smadar Palgi, documentary, 26 min, Israel, 2020

A woman helps her friend clean out her apartment, where she lives among heaps of objects and filth she has compulsively hoarded for years, along with twelve cats. The woman faces difficulty in her desire to help her friend, and as they clean, emotions surface and a new consciousness awakens.


My Fishdad And I

Yael Gelber, animated, 8 min, Israel, 2019

An unusual coming-of-age story. In the realities of Israel, Yael confronts her family’s challenges through games and songs involving her Thai doll, clinging to the remains of innocence and good memories from her childhood in Thailand.

Competition Program

Traces, 18:30


Scars are best to remain hidden and sings of weakness not shown, nonetheless the body bears and stores the markings life has left on it. What if it were possible to be truly liberated and then vanish into thin air?  In the fiction film Things Like a mother frantically tries to uncover if the father had molested their five-year-old daughter. The Croatian documentary Now I  Am Irena is about a woman who reenacts the arguments she had with her ex-husband in an attempt to achieve some sort of closure. Sometimes the best remedy when it comes

to emotions is to just let it all out. The animated reverie Sommerregen affirms this notion. The mysterious disappearance of a certain Mr. Tom R servers as a perfect excuse for an absurdist celebration of all the departures done supposedly without reason in The Disappearance of Tom R. Mmm… Cat reminds us how getting lost in the embrace of your beloved pet is often all we need to feel that inner peace.


Things Like

Kálmán Nagy, fiction, 25 min, Austria, 2020

Éva lives a nightmare. She has a terrible suspicion that her husband sexually abused her five-year-old daughter. She seeks help from her closest friends. But can they help her?


Now I Am Irena

Jasmina Beširević, documentary, 12 min, Croatia, 2021

A young woman revisits a seemingly insignificant argument with her former husband during the time of her pregnancy. Using elements of psychodrama, she steps into the role of her past self and struggles to access buried emotions caused by his abusiveness.



Julia Skala, Oscar Jacobson, animated, 6 min, Germany, 2020

After an exhausting rainy day, a young woman is struggling with her increasingly overwhelming feelings. Initially, she has difficulties allowing her tears to come. Yet as soon as she learns to accept and appreciate the rain, she also makes peace with her own tears.


The Disappearance Of Tom R.

Paul Sirague, documentary, 19 min, Belgium, 2020

On March 22, 1997, Tom R. disappears. Twenty-three years later, a film crew tries to solve the mystery.



Yongxin Wang, animated, 5 min, Germany/China, 2020

A girl only wants to be alone. One day, a cat knocks on her door. Then everything changes.

Awards ceremony, 20:00

Loops, 20:00


Family affairs can at times be so convoluted that they might induce vertigo! Where to stop, when’s the right time to get involved, and when to disengage? The answers to these types of questions won’t be found without a bit of poking around. Nikola Stojanović’s disparate and colorful family is vividly depicted in his documentary Cornelian Cherries. The invisible threads that hold the fabric of this family together are brought to light. Tropicana is an emotional Italian drama about an eight-year-old boy who learns to

deal with the gravity of familiar inner workings. Martin Torpedo is a candid depiction of a life led by an elderly man in the abandoned harbor of the defunct factory “Torpedo” where he spends his days in quiet contemplation whilst surviving off of the barest of necessities. In Love Is Just a Death Away a phantasmagorical junkyard comes to life through animation to teach us how to find love even amidst rot and decay.


Martin Torpedo

Toni Jelenić, documentary/out of competition, 13 min, Croatia, 2021

Martin is an old man, who has found his place under the sun in the port of the former Torpedo factory. There, in the abandoned concrete space, he has settled down with his few possessions: a painting that he found in a trash can, a fishing rod that he uses to catch squid from his, so to speak, living room, and a bicycle adorned with plastic bottles. He never redeems the bottles, because he is not a bum. All of these are necessary props in the fight against boredom.



Francesco Romano, fiction, 13 min, Italy, 2020

Maicol is 8 years old. He lives with his parents on the periphery of Rome. Both his parents are very young and he has a great rapport with his father. At some point, Maicol receives some money to buy his favorite team jersey as a present for his school promotion. This event will bring about discussions and eventually change the relationship between the two.


Cornelian Cherries

Nikola Stojanović, documentary, 40 min, Serbia, 2020

The death of a beloved dog reunites a small family. A lonely, middle-aged mother and her eccentric aunt obsessed with modern-day technology take a trip to rural Serbia, where the dog is buried. There, the ex-husband and his senile father help them decorate the dog’s grave.


Love Is Just A Death Away

Bára Anna Stejskalová, animated, 11 min, Canada/Czech Republic, 2020

A tender story about finding love even amid utter decay.