Competition Program

Amnesia, 18:00


Is oblivion achievable or is the forgotten merely repressed, hiding in the dark and waiting? An Ocean is a documentary about the resurfacing of a trauma that was kept submerged for 45 years. In the Croatian fiction film Letters a father and son reproach and so expose once more the wounds that have been dressed by decades of silence.

Is this gap bridgeable? Three generations of a Turkish family in Germany are torn apart between feeling homesick and striving for a better future. The documentary Turkish Riviera presents their story. Looking back has no place in the world of the Croatian animated film The Tower – civilization hastily leaps forward. Is it in such a hurry out of fear from what’s left in its wake?


An Ocean

Paul Scheufler, documentary, 19 min, Germany, 2021

The quivering starts from Marcus’ neck whenever he’s in the presence of the images that have been haunting him for the past 49 years. Now he steers his motorhome south, as far away from his past as possible.



Bojan Radanović, documentary, 12 min, Croatia, 2019

Slobodan meets his father for the first time in twenty-five years. His father’s behavior exacerbates the frustration caused by the traumas Slobodan suffered because of him.


The Tower

Sunčana Brkulj, animated, 4 min, Croatia, 2020

As years go by, a tiny civilization makes its way upwards.
People constantly build newer, bigger, and better things, without the chance of ever being satisfied. Film about the human desire for something more.


Turkish Riviera

Senem Göcmen, documentary, 53 min, Germany, 2020

Off to Germany! Composed from analog home video and archival material, Turkish Riviera is an essay about three generations of guest workers who spend their lives between being homesick and searching for happiness.

Competition Program

Glitch, 20:00


Every system, from intimate love to cultural heritage and technology, has its cracks. Life is conducted as a grand experiment of maintaining normalcy, riddled with glitches. The documentary The Great Journey is compiled from archive footage to chronicle the friendship of the members of a Rijeka-based band who nourish their wanderlust and love of music through curious expeditions. Antoine is a young writer who decides to step out of the inner world he created with his already overstrained imagination in order

to attempt a relationship with an actual girl in the fiction film Thus Began Antoine’s Downgoing. The animated documentary Just a Guy introduces three women enamored with a convicted serial killer. Deepfake Therapy is a documentary that examines an experiment where one can reestablish communication with the deceased through the aid of newly developed video technology, actors, and grief experts. In the animated film Arka all humanity’s accomplishments are conserved aboard a cruise ship sailing into the unknown.


The Great Journey

Sara Huskić, documentary/out of competition, 14 min, Croatia, 2021

Krivac, Moris, and Marin – the three pariahs, three parlor musicians embarking on a decade-long exquisite journey. Film introduces us to the members of the band Japanski Premijeri.
They initially were no more than acquaintances who gradually not only founded the band but also became the closest of kin. To quench their musical curiosity and wanderlust they undertake travel into reclusion of their own little microcosm.


Thus Began Antoine’s Down-Going

Paul Rigoux, fiction, 22 min, France, 2021

Antoine, a grieving loner, spends his days in a cafe on Place Clichy observing people. Every day, he sees a woman he calls Albertine get out of the subway and go to the movies. Today, he takes it upon himself to talk to her. Thus began Antoine’s down-going.


Just A Guy

Shoko Hara, animated, 15 min, Germany, 2020

Just a Guy is an animated documentary film about love. Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction, and relationship with Richard Ramirez, the serial killer and rapist. Through their perspective, we revisit the exchanged letters and emotions that are as obsessive as they are hauntingly familiar.


Deepfake Therapy

Roshan Nejal, documentary, 24 min, Netherlands, 2020

Bereaved family members are having an artificial video conversation with their deceased loved ones through the use of new digital techniques and under the guidance of a renowned grief therapist. Although the illusion is fragile, the suspension of disbelief is stronger than the shortcomings of the technology.



Natko Stipaničev, animated, 14 min, Croatia, 2020

A grandiose transoceanic cruise ship sailing the seas.
Arka talks about change and the necessity and inevitability of transformation, while the script was developed around an interpretation of the idea of a new life and a new beginning. If we tend to view society and history as cyclical, the only thing we can rightfully expect is the unexpected.