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Thunders, 19:00


Just like natural disasters, social and beurocratic systems block our paths. Sheer willpower allows one to find the light that brings hope in lightning and to dampen the roar of thunder with loud cries, song, and laughter. All The Things I’ll Never Tell You is a film in which the playful interaction of language and the visual is prominent. The collage of old photographies, imagined memories and the examination of the emotions brought about by the lack of communication amid generations enables the author to reconstruct the pater familias. Then Comes The Evening is a cinema verite styled voyage to the summits of eastern Bosnian mountains where we plunge into the quotidian haiku.

This poetic documentary provides us with a slice of the quiet life led by two elderly women, a life spent in dedication to coexistence with nature. Cockpera is a humorous animation that takes cues from the tales of Aesopus. To the more cunning shall go the spoils of this opera duel. Open Your Mouth centers around the nonfictional coming of age story of three boys set in the rift between the Arabic and Jewish cultures. The school quire and the camaraderie pave the way towards new horizons for the trio.


All The Things I’ll Never Tell You

Bela Bračko-Milešević, documentary/out of competition, 4 min, Croatia, 2021

A combination of old photographs, artificial memories and re-examination of feelings created by a lack of intergenerational communication results in the deconstruction of the pater familias.


Then Comes The Evening

Maja Novaković, documentary, 28 min, Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019

In the lush pastoral hills of Eastern Bosnia, two old women share solitude. The care they have for each other is not composed of words, but rather their daily conduct. They are in a conversation with the land, welcoming the voices of nature, and the songs of a memory that is dying out.



Kata Gugić, animated, 4 min, Croatia, 2020

Just a regular cockfight.

A short opera inspired by Aesop’s fable The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle.


Open Your Mouth

Tamara Mamon, documentary, 58 min, Israel, 2019

Omar, Muhammad, and Yazan are three boys in their last year of elementary school, beginning to confront the challenges of life. When Ella founds a choir in their school, she invites them to a safe and fantastic environment that will challenge the stark reality awaiting beyond the classroom walls and the real journey which occurs in the souls of the children.