Due to the Covid 19 epidemic and the preventive measures prescribed, Sound Occupation programme workshops are being postponed until spring 2021.


Sound occupation is a response, or a set of additional questions that will be deepened and wriggled through a pre-festival workshop program 18th – 25th of November (Urban Vibrations, Sound body, Media Cabaret, and Selfie Concert ) From 26th – 29th November, during STIFF festival, sounds will be occupying Rijeka’s gallery, virtual, radio, and public spaces through three program segments:

Everyday Soundtrack – installations and performances in public space, visit SoundBox – a multimedia confession booth ( pop-up gallery Korzo 26C), listen to Chatterbox special show on Radio Roža and visit Sound Occupations exhibition in Palach. Gathering foreign and local artists, the program Sound Occupations is an homage to sound as the fundamental generator of everyday life and as an artistic impulse

Workshops : 18 - 24 / 11 / 2020

Sound Occupations workshop program ( 18.11. – 24.11.) invites us to reflect on, deconstruct and invert social reality through contemporary artistic expression. Sound is seen as an epistemological tool and aesthetic instrument, as a means of communication, but also contemplation.

By analysing everyday sounds, studying urban soundscapes and ambiances that are marked by our phones, rhythm of movement, conversations, and random melodies that we Shazam, we rearrange sound images to provoke completely new meanings.


Media Cabaret: blackout poetry performance workshop

From the daily newspapers we pull out out “the poetic” and by means of creative reduction we generate new meanings.
This ready-made poetry we then use as a template for a new experimental performance.

Blackout is a method of thought recycling that creates a sort of ready-made poetry: by crossing out the excessive content, participants will single out words and syntagms from daily newspapers to create new, poetical text.
The focus of this process is play, subconsciousness, association, frustration, and abstraction.
Sound impulses in the created text, as well as the rhythm and dynamics of the group, will be used to create an experimental performance that will be focused on the sound quality of words.


Petra Čargonja, cultural studies major, member of production collective Street Aristocracy (Ulična Aristokracija) that acts at an intersection of art, activism, and education. During her studies, she wrote for a feminist website Vox Feminae and participated in a project ‘Cinema Classroom’ (Kino učionica) dealing with a feminist reading of visual culture. She writes poetry and her e-collection of poetry ‘One Hundred Donuts About Love’ (Sto korneta o bljubavi) was published in 2015. She is particularly curious about the human body at an intersection of feminism, language, arts, and politics. She cannot decide on her favorite art form. She currently works at Filmaktiv Association.

Natalija Stefanović, cultural studies bachelor, member of production collective Street Aristocracy (Ulična Aristokracija) that acts at an intersection of art, activism, and education. She is a co-author of the platform Photoshop for Proletarians, which deals with aesthetics, work, and power in late capitalism. The field of her artistic production is collage: analog and digital, static, and motion. She likes video editing and is obsessed with cats.


Soundbody: dance improvisation workshop

How to transform a street by changing sounds and movements that are typical of it?

The workshop will focus on exploring space and body through its physical and expressive possibilities, by using tools for improvisation and composition with an emphasis on releasing the creative impulse.

New possibilities in exploring dance, space, and sound will deal with questions such as how to use our body to create sound and how can we interpret a theme with a dance performance.


Kristina Paunovski is a performance artist and choreographer, student, moderator, coach, and creative head of K2K dance center. She is a founder of ARTissue platform that deals with exploring movement and visual arts.

In her work, she focuses on exploring contemporary and hip-hop vocabulary by observing limits between the physical and virtual, underground and commercial, and possibilities of inclusivity.


Selfie Concert: sound and movement digital processing workshop

Every day we are surrounded by millions of sounds that constantly come out of small electronic devices we too are inseparable from. Are smartphones smart enough to enable us to communicate, sing, and laugh only by using body movement? Are we smart enough to establish composition by using only selfie cameras, symbols of contemporary vanity?

The workshop will guide participants through techniques of sound recording and processing, as well as making selfie filters for an app that will be used as a tool to play – sound improvisation.

Participants will experiment with ways of creating sound with their body: they will create a sound base that will then be digitally manipulated and linked to body movements through a selfie cam filter. Those filters will be presented as an experimental performance of ‘playing music’ with bodies.


Josipa Baljak is a visual artist whose work is based on interesting facts and specifics of materials whose properties she emphasizes with the aim of giving more value to simple things that surround us.

Radio Roža is a community internet radio, created out of a need and desire to track the independent cultural scene and artists in Rijeka, promoting various (underground) genres, and love of vinyl records.


Urban Vibrations: site-specific workshop

*workshop will be held in English

This workshop invites us to put the sound in a dominant position in relation to the image, exploring, and deepening the role of sound in everyday life. By using methods of site-specific research and experiment, it puts an emphasis on active learning through practical work as well as the exchange of knowledge and ideas through joint creation and reflection on contemporary art and society.

By exploring the urban soundscapes participants will acquire skills in sound recording with emphasis on advanced field recording techniques. After exploring technological possibilities of recording (contact microphones, binaural recording, electromagnetic frequency recording), the focus will shift to developing ideas and concepts enabling participants to develop their own, individual or group, site-specific audio work that will dominate a certain city location. Synthesizing with already existing visual and auditory sensations, rhythm, trajectory, color, and dynamics of movement – audio installations will create new soundscapes and launch “live images” in space.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in exploring sound and recording, regardless of previous experience.


A German multimedia artist, whose audio-visual works, films, installations, and performances initiate a dialogue about situations and circumstances concerning the way we construct our own perception based on previous experiences, and in relation to other people and new technologies that increasingly saturate our daily lives.

In 2017 and 2018 he held workshops for students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. As of 2017, he is using his position to help build Campus Gegenwart, a center in Stuttgart focused on integrating contemporary topics and arts in university everyday life.