A series of conversations with Sound Occupations artists and their works will occupy the airwaves of Radio Roža in a radio show ChatterBox. Festival mornings are marked by an online catalog in sound form.

Radio Roža is a community internet radio formed from the desire and need for following independent culture in Rijeka, promoting different (underground) genres, and from love for vinyl.

27/11 at 12:00 PM CET — Central European Time

  • Organized Noize, Chris Revelle (US)
  • Sounds of MOVEMENT, Madeline Pieschel (US)
  • Bura Pod Nosom, Klara Modrić & Ena Jagec (HR)
  • Klara Modrić & Ena Jagec (HR)
  • Promenade, Anastasiia Belousova & Frederik Hochheimer (DE)

28/11 at 14:00 PM CET — Central European Time

  • Shazam Walks & Voice Notes 1 – Gillett Square, Jake Williams (GB)
  • Clik Clik Sale, Gordan Kreković & Antonio Poščić (HR)
  • The Agony, Haris Sahačić (BA)
  • DRONe. Endless drone in E minor, Lech Kalita (PL)
  • Eggtimer, Ralf Wendt (DE)

29/11 at 12:00 PM CET — Central European Time

  • Sound Space, Bob Birch (GB),
  • To the sky, Neil Bruce (GB)
  • Foldable Sounds, Foldable Sounds Collective: Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle
  • Pead, Lucy Cunningham (IT, UK, DE)
  • Sounds Matter, Giulio Dal Lago (IT)