Sounds determine the rhythm of life, influence one’s emotions, movements, and thoughts. They occupy, manipulate, alter, evoke, and define our reality. By studying the sounds of a city or some space and its community, we can learn a lot about social, political, and economic forces that influence a certain space: who and what produces sounds? Who controls them? Which sounds dominate and which are missing? In what ways does sound connect and separate individuals, groups, and images? What happens when sounds disappear?

Sound occupations will offer possible answers and raise a set of new questions through occupying the gallery, virtual, radio, and public space of Rijeka with sound. During four days (26th to 29th November) at six locations, citizens will be able to experience sound through Everyday Soundtrack – installations and performances in public space, visit SoundBox – a multimedia confession booth ( pop-up gallery Korzo 26C), listen to Chatterbox special show on Radio Roža and visit Sound Occupations exhibition in Palach. Gathering foreign and local artists, the program Sound Occupations is an homage to sound as the fundamental generator of everyday life and as an artistic impulse.

26/11/2020 at 20:00; SKC Gallery - OKC Palach

Sound Occupations Exhibition


Sound can be understood as an epistemological, formative instrument that enables us to analyze urban and imaginary spaces and at the same time as an aesthetic tool in building and upgrading these landscapes in practice.

How does sound behave concerning changes in the urban environment; how does sound interpret post-industry economies? How does it connect and separate individuals, groups, and images?
Many of the works brought together by the exhibition are motivated by a lack of sounds in recent times of isolation. They wake us up from the hustle and chaos we live in and they reveal that stress is not always generated in a hurry, but can also appear in a quiet and motionless uncertainty. The media addiction as well as the endless plains of the internet are all becoming tools for the Sound Occupations’ games. Websites, e-mail correspondence, CVC cameras, radio wave, they all become spaces of creation. Art forms are looking for new possibilities of communication and contact. They collect voices, words, actions, tones, and noises that whisper presence, these works search for the connection we can achieve during physical distance. The sound spreads freely, transmitting impulses and energy virtually, occupying our thoughts and lives with a familiar rhythm, but also causing change, allowing “new” to uncover.

The emphasis on sound opens up a range of aesthetic possibilities and approaches that either escape into the imaginary or they confront the viewer with reality.

The multimedia exhibition Sound Occupations brings together authors who question social reality, interpersonal relationships, and intimate experiences, placing sound in a dominant position towards the image.

Madeline Pieschel (US), MYK collective: Polina Kardymon, Vladimir Bocharov, Sergei Chekhov (RU), F.  C.  Zuke (US), Chris Revelle (US), Lech Kalita (PL), Jacob Bissell (US), Nicole Mullan (IE),  Ivana Babić (HR), Haris Sahačić (BA), Neo Christopher Chung (KR),  Flora Sopa (RO), Gabriele Barbarino (IT), The Rasa: Sofia Ablanedo & Raphael Faure (AR/CH) , Natalia Spychala (PL), Gordan Kreković & Antonio Poščić (HR), Vedran Ružić (HR), Jake Williams (GB), Mia Paller & beepblip (SI)

26 - 29/11/2020 at 20:30; Korzo 26c


Open: 27-29/11/2020 from 13:00 - 18:00

SoundBox is a cube for listening, a window for overviewing the outside world. The aim of this showcase is to capture a collective state of being in recent times and reflect with a question: have we changed since everything became different? SoundBox transmits introspections, monologues, and discussions; it’s a storage for secrets, imaginary spaces, and digital reflections.

How to find one’s peace in a pile of information and escape the emptiness possessing our everyday life? We are on the verge of a new lockdown, waiting, looking at the world from intimate spaces – our cellphones, laptops, and windows. With whom we share the void, where do we hide, how do we show ourselves, what are we looking at, what do we hope for?

Klara Modrić i Ena Jagec (HR),  Magdaléna Manderlová (CZ), Josipa Baljak (HR), George Manos (GR), Foldable Sounds Collective: Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle Pead, Lucy Cunningham (IT, UK, DE)

26-29/11/2020 at 12:00; Radio Roža



A series of conversations with Sound Occupations artists and their works will occupy the airwaves of Radio Roža in a radio show ChatterBox. Festival mornings are marked by an online catalog in sound form.

Radio Roža is a community internet radio formed from the desire and need for following independent culture in Rijeka, promoting different (underground) genres, and from love for vinyl.

26-29/11/2020; Art-kino, Main Market Underpass, Theatre park

Everyday Soundtrack


Synthesizing with already existing visual and auditory sensations, rhythm, trajectory, color, and dynamics of movement – the sounds of Everyday Soundtrack create new soundscapes, trigger “living images” in space.

In Rijeka, underpasses are empty tunnels, spaces of echo, a synthesis of muffled exterior noises, and a sharp rhythm of heals. They condition the trajectory, movement, and transition to the other side. By changing and altering given soundscapes (Sound in the Passage), passers-by are invited to self-reflect and use their imagination.

In a similar way, the physical intervention that appropriates the usual walking route from Krešimir Street over Jadranski Square to Kružna Street (Hodogram) questions and provokes ways of moving we find appropriate for such public spaces. How fast, in which direction, and with what intention do we walk the streets? Where do we look at? Who do we wish to interact with?

Interactive work of a Mexican artist Balam Ronan invites for an attentive listener and for the deeper analysis of the surrounding sounds: “Sound experiences help us to understand the spaces and places we inhabit, the age we live in, and how we relate to people and ourselves. The more we understand the world, the more tools we have to help transform it.”

This collection of installations, interactive objects and interventions in the public space aim to change what we perceive as common, to list the essentials, and to highlight the unapparent. The atmosphere of everydayness alters and a new rhythm occurs that changes both the visual and emotional experience of the space for a random passer-by.

26/11/2020 21:00; Art-kino side entrance


The physical journey from the last show at Art- Kino to the exhibition opening in SKC Gallery is moderated  by the dance performance of  Martina Hrlić Rogić (HR) and dance group Flame. The aim of this  performance is to explore how  changes in the direction and in the ways of walking  might influence individuals and their surrounding. By observing and listening to the  sounds of our everyday movements and by manipulating the obvious and ordinary, performance of this group will disrupt, seduce, and occupy the usual trajectory. Intervening in a flow of people the performance changes the rhythm, feelings, and thoughts of a stroller.

28- 29/11 od 9:00 – 14:00; Main Market Underpass

Sound in the Passage

During the weekend, the underpass near the Rijeka’s market will be filled with ambient compositions from around the world. The works located in the passage call for a departure from reality, offering quick escape, calling for indulgence and imagination, a step into other worlds, petit sonic fantasies.

Anastasiia Belousova & Frederik Hochheimer (DE),  Bob Birch (GB), Giulio Dal Lago (IT), Neil Bruce (GB), MYK: Polina Kardymon, Vladimir Bocharov, Sergei Chekhov (RU), Andrew Horne (GB), Ralf Wendt (DE)

28-29/11 9:00 – 14:00; Theatre park

Public Spaces / Listening Spaces

Focusing on public space as a listening space, Balam Ronan’s (MX) work invites awareness and reflection upon sounds available to us while we move through the city. Interact with a megaphone asking questions about the different elements of the city soundscape. How much can we hear, are we awake, and do we hear things clearly? How do we find meaning in the surrounding sounds, and do we even care?