Sounds determine the rhythm of life, influence one’s emotions, movements, and thoughts. They occupy, manipulate, alter, evoke, and define our reality. By studying the sounds of a city or some space and its community, we can learn a lot about social, political, and economic forces that influence a certain space: who and what produces sounds? Who controls them? Which sounds dominate and which are missing? In what ways does sound connect and separate individuals, groups, and images? What happens when sounds disappear?


Sound occupations will offer possible answers and raise a set of new questions through occupying the gallery, virtual, radio, and public space of Rijeka with sound. During four days (26th to 29th November) at six locations, citizens will be able to experience sound through Everyday Soundtrack – installations and performances in public space, visit SoundBox – a multimedia confession booth ( pop-up gallery Korzo 26C), listen to Chatterbox special show on Radio Roža and visit Sound Occupations exhibition in Palach. Gathering foreign and local artists, the program Sound Occupations is an homage to sound as the fundamental generator of everyday life and as an artistic impulse.