Slipping, 15:00


How many steps do we need to make to get closer to others? On a slippery slope of compromise, it’s important not to lose yourself. How far are we willing to go? Cezary’s seemingly trite carelessness in the film Ondine can be deadly,

and German lessons in the film Amateur lead Serena in an unexpected, heated adventure. Playful animation GNT questions how far can we go in the pursuit of clicks and likes, and finally, it is all too easy to slip into space while dealing with math problems, as the animation Airhead! (rightfully) claims.



Tomasz Sliwinski, fiction, 40 min, Poland, 2019

There is a myth about Ondine, a water nymph, who fell in love with a mortal. Because of his infidelity, she puts a curse on him that he would breathe only as long as he remembered what he’s done. And so he died as soon as he fell asleep.

Cezary still lives with his mother and is in love with Emilia, a rock singer. One day the three of them have to deal with the mythical Ondine and her curse.

Production: Warsaw Film School



Gaspar Chabaud, animation, 6 min, Belgium, 2019

A child struggling with a math problem and his own problems of attention, helped by a mother who is slowly losing her patience.

Production: La Cambre National School of Visual Arts



Simone Bozzelli, fiction, 23 min, Italy, 2019

A hot afternoon. Serena helps Christopher study German. He is bored and prefers to record her with his cell phone. Through the game, the two grow closer and discover an unexpected intimacy.

Production: National Film School, Rome



Sara Hirner, Rosemary Vasquez-Brown, animation, 4 min, Australia, 2019

Where Glenn is, there is drama, but just how far will she go to conquer the clicks– and become a social media queen?

Production: University of Technology Sydney

Polyphony, 17:00


No question has just one answer. Life is often a sum of different voices and possibilities, the consonance of roles, and the conglomerate of ideas, decisions, and choices. Sometimes the voices make a turmoil of identity, as in the documentary film Cryene Donovan where a young girl with a dissociative

personality disorder struggles to open up to the director, showing multiple personas residing inside her. Sometimes harmonious relationships turn dissonant by the appearance of a third person like in the film Octopus and Moray, and then other times harmonious polyphony can be found in the oddest of forms – singing skeletons dreaming of freedom – in a Croatian animation I’m Not Feeling Very Well.


I’m Not Feeling Very Well

Sunčana Brkulj, animation, 4 min, Croatia, 2019

Singing skeletons dream about breaking free from their geometric formation and taking a swim in the great, big, blue sea.

Production: Akademija likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu


Cryene Donovan

Dénes Németh, documentary, 60 min, Hungary, 2020

A young girl diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder struggles to open herself up to the filmmaker, but her other personalities interfere.

Production: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest


Octopus and Moray

Sebastian Husak, fiction, 40 min, Germany, 2019

Former best friends Max and Jonas meet again after a long time on the boat of Max’s parents. Throughout their childhood, they spent many summers there. This year, Jonas bringing his girlfriend Nora along is only one of the reasons why the days on the boat will be different than expected.

Production: University of Television and Film, Munich

Rendevous, 19:00


A conversation is a tool for connection, sharing, coming closer, but also coming apart. How well do we use it? Through relationships, we create our reality. What can be gained by talking to someone that used to be close? Croatian romantic drama Effortless shows us how much ex-lovers change,

and how much they stay the same. From this effortless depth, a charming animation Apfelmus brings us to ingenious existential hights. And sometimes, in a good old-fashioned way, beauty really is all around us. We just need to look, as are the two elderly but still boyishly enchanted travelers in a documentary film Looking for an Elephant Footprint.



Filip Lončarić, fiction, 30 min, Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019

Two former lovers meet again with differing views on their past.

Production: Akademija umjetnosti Univerziteta u Banjoj Luci



Alexander Gratzer, animation, 7 min, Austria, 2019

While two birds talk about their existence, a small apple makes its way into the depths of a cave under watchful eyes.

Production: University of Applied Arts Vienna


Looking for an Elephant Footprint

Katarína Jonisová, documentary, 13 min, Slovakia, 2019

What does it mean to be an observer? Karol and Thomas, travelers from the old world, explore urban wilderness meeting various remarkable phenomena.

Production: Academy of Performing Arts – VŠMU

The hunt, 20:00


Following the traces of better versions of ourselves, we often wander lost, and mostly alone. I Still Don’t Know is a documentary film about trying to reconcile with one’s home (or with the former idea of what a home is). Another Croatian film Fragile resonates equally in the role of a young actress and a woman in search of private and career changes.

That life is sometimes just an endless to-do-list is reflected in an animated film Tick. Cindy questions the difference between a good cow and a good girl in the patriarchal system. How to escape all defaults, unite and evolve through music is the story of a documentary film Wrong Direction, about the forming of a Norwegian girl band. Girls, take up arms, the hunt is about to begin!


I Still Don’t Know

Bela Bračko-Milešević, documentary, 5 min, Croatia, 2020

This is a film about trying to reconcile with our own home. Or with what used to be our home a long time ago. Or at least with what our family thinks is our home. Or what we no longer feel like our own home. Or is this a film about accepting the realization that we are happier somewhere else, with someone else?

This is a film about acceptance, reconciliation, and union, but also loneliness, forgetfulness, and growing up.

Production:Udruga Blank



Tomislav Šoban, fiction, 23 min, Croatia, 2019

Alma, a young, recently graduated actress, goes through a series of acting rehearsals and projects as she looks for an apartment, while her best friend moves away to Belgium.

Production: Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb



Fabienne Priess, Levin Tamoj, animation, 6 min, Germany, 2019

Jane is on fire. She is a very disciplined and ambitious young woman. Her days consist of going to work and ticking off her never-ending to-do-lists. She does not realize how the flame starts to consume her and how she loses sight of everything around her.

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg



Shemer Gaon Baraba, fiction, 16 min, Israel, 2019

Navit drives with her dad to sell their cow Cindy to an Arab meat dealer. While Navit is convinced that her dad values her work as a dairy farmer, she realizes he is taking her on a trip for a different reason.

Production: Minshar School of Art


Wrong Direction

Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, documentary, 18 min, Norway, 2019

Six young ladies form a band on a dark January in Oslo. None of them know each other, but everyone knows Maria. The left-wing lesbian with high-pitched opinions. Throughout the spring, a warm friendship and a luminous band career are formed. Then real life knocks on the door.

Production:Oslo Metropolitan University