Adieu, 18:00


Not every ending offers a new beginning. Especially when dealing with a binary and elliptic bureaucratic system that doesn’t offer an alternative, not even a tiny maybe. In a Croatian film The Stamp, the real fight of a Syrian refugee begins only after arriving at the “safe zone”. Sometimes, just like the name of the documentary-fiction film I want to return return return echoes

the real return is possible only through memories, in a voyage across collective and intimate narratives. The imaginative animation of Zorg II, in which an ambitious alien travels to Earth to star in a Sci-Fi blockbuster, frees us from earthly logic and reminds us of the unfetteredness of the inner worlds.


The Stamp

Lovro Mrđen, fiction, 19 min, Belgium/Croatia, 2019

The real fight begins when the war ends. The clock is ticking for an immigrant faced with the coldblooded bureaucracy of a foreign country, as he tries to save his younger sister and prevent separation. Nobody hears their voices, lost in translation.

Production: Akademija dramske umjetnosti u Zagrebu, LUCA School of Arts


I Want to Return Return Return

Elsa Rosengren, fiction, 33 min, Germany, 2020

Whilst awaiting a long-distance friend, a lonely young woman navigates a Berlin neighborhood where her nostalgia mingles with the lives and stories of her neighbors.

Production: German Film and Television Academy Berlin

Best animated film, Zorg II, Auden Lincoln Vogel

Zorg II

Auden Lincoln-Vogel, animation, 22 min, Estonia, 2019

An alien comes to Earth in hopes of starring in a sci-fi blockbuster.

Production: Estonian Academy of Arts

Wanderers, 20:00


Let’s pack our memories and take on this journey the most important ones. There is never enough space for new experiences. Three nomads starring in a poetic animated documentary Fata Morgana have already begun a brave one-way journey.
How to leave behind your biggest treasure, your family, and meet all the expectations?

In a touching documentary representation of generational changes affecting a Nepalese family (For Your Sake) two daughters are getting ready to study abroad. In a Serbian film Sherbet, without expectations, young and rebellious Ena and Sale wander through the night in the dirty outskirts of the city. How far can they go?


Fata Morgana

Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch, animation/documentary, 11 min, Israel, 2019

Christina, Anna, and Rachel are three nomads. What brings a person to wander alone?

Production: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem


For Your Sake

Ronja Hemm, documentary, 38 min, Germany, 2019

Nepal is facing a generational change. Two daughters of a Tamang family are preparing to study abroad. Their hopes for a better life are high, but the price is immeasurable. They have to leave behind what is the Tamang people’s greatest good: their family.

Production: University of Applied Science, Mainz



Nikola Stojanović, fiction, 19 min, Serbia, 2019

Ena and Sale – both of them destructive and hungry for life – meet. As they are trying to interpret their feelings, they are pressured by the burdens of their past and haunted by fears. Through acts of aggression on the outskirts of a dirty city, they test the limits of their love.

Production:  Fakultet dramskih umetnosti u Beogradu