15 - 17/10


Screenplay Development Workshop

Educational programme starts with Screenplay Development Workshop (15-17 October), with renown screenwriter, director and creative producer Giovanni Robbiano. The intense three-day training will see attendees analyse and develop screenplays, with particular focus on their own ideas and projects. Robbiano was lecturer at numerous universities – Bologna, IULM Milano, Genova, and Rome in Italy, as well as Universitè D’Evry – Val D´Essonne (UEVE) in France. He was head of International Department at FAMU in Prague, consultant for EU Media programme, at the International Forum of the Hong Kong, and at Venice Film Festival (Mostra) and Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale). The number of participants for this workshop is limited, so in addition to your contacts you should send a short motivation letter to [email protected] Deadline for application is October 10th 2019.

18 - 19/10


Pride and prejudice

Second day of the festival (Friday 18 October at 4 PM) starts with discussion PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – CREATIVE APPROACH TO LOW BUDGET AND INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS. Focus of the talk is pros and cons of low budget documentary, feature and animated projects, methods, tips, and tricks that the authors used in the process of making their films.

Saturday 19 October at noon we delve deeper into the topic of indy production with Croatian film SWEET SUNSHINE. Our guests are Goran Nježić, one of two directors and screenwriters of the film, and Sara Salamon, cinematographer and editor of the film. The aim of the workshop is to present possibilities and limitations of indy production through analysis of shots and production values, with special emphasis on bravery of choices made.

19 - 20/10


Distribute this!

Two-day workshop DISTRIBUTE THIS! with Morana Komljenović starts Saturday 19 October at 3PM and continues Sunday 20 October at 2 PM. The workshop is an introduction to a longer educational cycle that starts this autumn in Rijeka, with the focus on distribution of films and creative projects. The workshop will focus on contemporary tendencies of distribution: festival, digital, theatrical, TV and alternative channels and on the range of the possibilities that the film industry offers: financing, development, refinement, film markets and forums, partnerships (film funds, television companies, coproducers, festivals, programming slots, video-on-demand platforms of different kinds, aggregators etc.) Morana Komljenović has for years been the head of Fade In production company in Zagreb, later head of acquisition and development of Taskovski Film in London, also film director and producer. Currently executive director of Rab Film Festival and consultant for development, production and distribution of audiovisual works.

18/10 22:30 AT ONCE


Exhibition of GIF animations

Curator: Elena Apostolovski, Galerija SKC
Artistic advisor and mentor: Damjan Šporčić, Oblik 3

Graphics Interchange Format is a digital data format with long history in internet culture and digital content. Developed in 1987, its popularity started growing in 1995 when Netscape Navigator 2.0 allowed looping. Today, it is one of the most used and most viewed video formats on social networks.

GIF is a kind of “haiku” of video, drawing its strength from short duration (that reproduces an isolated moment of a larger narrative) and endless repetition (looping) that allows several levels of meaning in one breath. This symbolic complexity makes it the ideal creative tool for questioning, reaction and satirisation of contemporary society. The exhibition AT ONCE is envisaged as a kind of ambient audio-visual experience that delves into the topic of fear in contemporary context, through works of thirty international GIF animators.

Artists: Sandra Araújo (PT), Lavoslava Benčić (SI), Patrik Bock (DE), Petra Brnardić (HR), Ming Chieh Chen (TW), Hugues Laplante Clément (CA), Hasan Daraghmeh (NO / PS), Kristijonas Dirse (BE), Milad Forouzandeh (IR), Zhang Haotian (US), Sandra Janjatović (RS), Teja Miholič (SI), Aaron R. Moreno (CU), Sidney Mullis (US), Dylan Myones (US), Ziad Nagy (UK), Tina Radosavljević (HR), Noemi Ribić (HR), Anna Christine Sands (US), Rajat Sharma (DE), Lior Shkedi (NL / IL), Luna Strmotić (HR), Julia Świtaj and Filip Chlebicki (PL), Andrea Taraš (HR), Wayner Tristao (BR), Goran Zmaić (HR), Emiliano Zucchini (IT).