Interlude, 19:00


Where is that unconditional love that erases the fear of meaningless existence? We try to fulfil the inexplicable void, cure loneliness, and overcome ourselves or whatever happened to us.

We are not happy with what we have now, but we don’t want to go back. We want something that is yet to come. We hope that this is just an interlude, but we need to know how to play it too.

Till the End of the World

Till the End of the World

Florence Bouvy, fiction, 26 min, Netherlands, 2018

The eight-year-old Marie lives with her father Boudewijn in a small house at the edge of the city. Their world is full of play and imagination, and Boudwijn teaches her to dream. However, Marie has become aware of an unpredictability in her father.
A story about the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her father.

School: The Netherlands Filmacademy

Soviet Space Dogs

Soviet Space Dogs

Nikica Zdunić, fiction, 17 min, Croatia, 2018

Something happens. Time slows down. Two people are trapped in a space of tragedy, where their voices do not reach one another. But, even when everything is burnt to the ground, hope remains.

School: Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb


A Horse with Eight Legs

Felix Mott, documentary, 25 min, Germany, 2018

The “D-Zügle” is located in Ludwigsburg’s railway station district. A simple beer tavern in a small Swabian town. A place against loneliness. The people, who spend their evenings here, look for community. They make a pub their home and the guests and barmen their family. What led them here, how does this family work? Evening after evening. Family therapy.

School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Hello Emptiness

Louison Chambon, animation, 5 min, Belgium, 2018

Eli has lost a part of his being somewhere, and now an immense emptiness sucks him into melancholy.

School: La-Cambre (ENSAV)

Levitation, 21:00


We are told to accept reality, it is necessary to compromise our dreams, they say. But what if we don’t want to make a choice? Sometimes, while creating secret worlds that protect and motivate us, we reveal the beauty that was hidden, we overcome the imposed and move the boundaries.

We move them every time we believe in ourselves. There is a world where we can be completely ourselves. Our freedom is somewhere in between heaven and earth, it is somewhere where no one can take it away…


Girl with a Fork in the World of Soup

Yotam Knispe, fiction, 20 min, Israel, 2018

Dafna has a lot of love to give, but no one to give it to.
The guitar sounds from her new neighbor will lead to a chance.

School: Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College



Stefan Bürkner, fiction, 27 min, Germany, 2018

On their way to the exoplanet Proxima-B Captain Sternberg shares her dreams with the android Phintia SX-3, unknowingly creating a powerful rival.

School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

The Kite

“The Kite”

Martin Smatana, animation, 13 min, Czech Republic, 2019

A minimalistic, poetic and symbolic way of dealing with the issue of death.

School: FAMU Prague

The Castle

The Castle

Tadeusz Kabicz, documentary, 25 min, Poland, 2019

Six personalities, six professions and six amazing passions. They all meet together in the magical Royal Castle.

School: Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television, University of Silesia, Katowice