Diversions, 20:00


An exciting guest program of Diversions International Short Film Festival from Sveti Ivan Zelina will open this year’s festival. Three brilliant films, awarded not only at Diversions Film Festival, but also at numerous world festivals, undoubtedly suit this year’s STIFF topic – Fear.

People of the Wasteland directed by Heba Khaled from Syria won Pax Diversity, awarded to films that present stories and voices of communities from all over the world, shows different perspectives of humanity, and strongly emphasises protection of human rights and freedoms. This film was awarded by Diversions Festival jury because it ‘fiercely penetrates into the abyss of war and the madness it brings, leaving us speechless’.

Niko Radas was awarded the best director for his animated film The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar,  ‘a playful and very subtle animation that challenges perception of mental health. The powerful voice of the world where colours rule over limiting shackles of monochrome’.

Finally, Grand Prix was awarded to Corina Schwingruber Ilić for her documentary All Inclusive which brings a vision of our contemporary, Metropolis like society. ‘In a very precise way this film shows the nature of the masses, documenting the dystopian anxiety in all of us‘, said the jury.


All inclusive

Corina Schwingruber Ilić, documentary, 10 min, Switzerland, 2018.

Under the spell of mass entertainment on the high seas.

Producer: Stella Händler, Freihändler Filmproduktion
Distribution: www.someshorts.com


People of the Wasteland

Heba Khaled, documentary, 24 min, Germany/Syria, 2017

An experimental short film with a first-person point of view depicting the clashes of Syrian fighters in the front line. In the chaos of war, the lines between right and wrong become blurred.

Producer: Talal Derki, Jouzour Film Production
Distribution: www.augohr.de


The Unusual Bath of Mister Otmar

Niko Radas, animation,15 min, Croatia, 2019

Mister Otmar’s lifestyle does not abide by the norms of society. He is taken to court for the danger he poses to the society and is sentenced to psychiatric treatment with the aim of returning him to a socially acceptable framework. The prescribed therapy, however, encounters unexpected resistance.

Producer: Niko Radas
Distribution: www.hudu.hr

The Pack, 21:30

The Pack

If we were to write a myth of man and his eternal fight between good and evil, whose side would he be on – white god or black god? What is the nature of our nature? Can we find the balance in our urges, can we curb them, or will that attempt backfire? How far are we willing to go for the sense of belonging?

Together we are safer. We are stronger and better in a pack. We doesn’t put up with weakness, it represses insecurities, it is a part of majority, of tradition, nation, race, religion, ideology. Because We are always better than Them. But what are We without Them?


The Vine

Ivan Đurović, fiction, 27 min, Serbia, 2018

A group of wild boys who reject everything that has to do with the corruptible world of grownups meet Vladan, who appears to be nothing like their hypocritical and weak fathers, and decide to show him a dark secret hidden in the woods.

School: Faculty of Media and Communications Belgrade


I am not Playing Anymore

Matej Babic, animation, 6 min, Slovakia, 2018

A short animated film reflects the desire to win and the congenital aggression hidden in people.

School: VSMU – Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava


The Blackgod

Grzegorz Paprzycki, documentary, 29 min, Poland, 2018

Sviatoslav Siruj is the leader of a nationalist organization in western Ukraine. Together with his people, he is campaigning to promote an ideology that is in line with the assumptions of the party called the National Corps.
Ideological speeches, lessons in schools, marches, and protests are the main instruments of his activity. Dreams of being a “spiritual father” for his followers motivate him to fight for a better future of the country.

School: Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television, University of Silesia, Katowice




Ido Shapiro / Amit Cohen, animation, 6 min, Israel, 2018

The life of a dog, trained to act as human, changes when a pack of hounds gathers around his house.

School: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem



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