SDF x STIFF: A Cinematic Spectacle on Campus!

This year’s Student Day Festival brings something truly new – something unseen – as part of the warm-up for SDF! On Wednesday, June 5th at 9:30 PM, we are transforming Žilavi Park (the newly opened basketball court), in collaboration with Art-kino, into a cinema under the stars filled with award-winning student films. ????

Given the nature of these two festivals – both putting students at the center – it was only natural to create this student fusion. This collaboration brings the best of global student productions directly to the Campus courtyard.

What’s on the screen? Three winning films from STIFF 2023:

Short Cut Grass, David Gašo, Croatia (2023) – a feature film that takes us on a wondrous journey into childhood and the suburbs of Osijek.
After the Wedding, Matej Klucik, Slovakia (2022) – a documentary about incredible collectors preparing for their big day.
The Garden of Hearts, Oliver Hegyi, Hungary, Slovakia (2022) – an animated film following a young artist through an existential crisis.

Entry is, of course, (in true student fashion) free! ????

Prepare for an unforgettable movie night under the stars, with a great atmosphere and company. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy films, socialize, and have fun – and free popcorn too. ????

After the screening, DJ Tomislav Belović (The Usual Suspects) will entertain us with music, and the Klub mladih bar will ensure no one stays thirsty.

P.S. In case of rain, the screening will be moved to the Art-kino hall.