Cinehill Volunteer and Workshop Invitation!

On Monday, May 27th at 3:00 PM, the team from the Cinehill festival, the younger sibling of the Motovun festival, led by director Igor Mirković, will arrive at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Rijeka to present the program and festival opportunities for students in Rijeka (benefits, educational workshops, and volunteering opportunities). Everyone is welcome to learn how to get involved in this summer film story.

Enjoying films, top-notch entertainment, mingling with film connoisseurs, and the invaluable experience of participating in festival organization… Cinehill offers it all!

In its twenty-fifth year, the previous Motovun Film Festival embarked on a new adventure and relocated to the forested enchantment of Croatia’s mountainous region. Cinehill is dedicated to films emerging from small cinemas and independent productions, films that have asserted themselves through innovation, ideas, and the power of their stories, yet struggle to reach theaters and audiences.

Cinehill aims to be a retreat for the souls of weary film riders, a place where their films are showcased in a delightful ambiance, in front of a benevolent audience, under the sky of warm summer nights. And this year, the STIFF and SKC teams are helping build Cinehill’s hill of films, so we invite interested students to become volunteers of Cinehill and, among other things, watch the best STIFF films on Cinehill’s green carpet.

APPLICATIONS FOR CINEHILL CAMPUS WORKSHOPS You can also apply for the 9th CINEHILL CAMPUS DHFR WORKSHOP, which grants you free accreditation for all festival programs and screenings!


Students with film courses Young professionals and those aspiring to become one Young film theorists/critics Students of film schools (and those aspiring to become one) If you want to showcase your student films, apply by June 15, 2024.

If you want to participate in the workshop, apply by June 30, 2024.

Read the details on the Cinehill website.