Side programme – an exhibition and some workshops, talks and parties, and finally an afternoon breakfast to cure hangovers

STIFF’s side programme makes sure the tenth edition will be celebrated in the best possible way. This year’s programme is focused on marking the past decade through an exhibition programme made in collaboration with the curatorial workshop Paspartu. The initiative invites students to actively engage in creating and setting up an exhibition, as well as making a number of side shows happen, all under supervision of the curator Elena Apostolovski and the artist Damjan Šporčić. The side programme includes a number of events, such as the pre-festival programme Mercury Retrograde from 20 until 22 November in SKC Gallery, multimedia exhibition Démodé (SKC Gallery from 22 until 26 November), and the Arcade public workshop programme. 


The pre-festival programme Mercury Retrograde is dedicated to archival exploration of popular forms of visual communication and social critique on the internet, made in the past decade. The programme is curated by the independent initiative Spačke and multimedia artist Damjan Sporčić. They have created a fascinating audio-visual exhibition that will lead you through a decade of internet creativity. The main question the exhibition poses is: in a world of hyper-production, what can we learn from an archaeology of a decade?


The exhibition Démodé gathers over a dozen artists from a number of countries that use different audio-visual formats and perspectives to address global and intimate transformations. These works and participatory forms explore themes of transience and change, economic and political conditions, human relationships in the digital domain and in real everyday life. Deeply intimate and socially reflective, Démodé sifts through the past decade: growth and development of communication and information technologies, climate crisis, wars, as well as political, economic and societal changes, and how all of it reflects on the world of work and the quality of life. The exhibition opens on 22 November in SKC Gallery at 9PM, followed by a small party in Palach.


Arcade workshops invite the citizens of Rijeka to  stimulate their senses in order to recall and imagine, to remind themselves and to create, to perceive new ways of experiencing and understanding the world of film and art via various activities. How To Love Many in Many Ways, a workshop by the German artist Gabriel Hensche, explores the wider notions of love and serves as a playground to take care of oneself and of their surroundings. This workshop encourages us to form relationships with different living beings, plants and objects that form our everyday lives, including our mobile devices. The workshop takes place in Filodrammatica on 25 November from 3 until 5 PM. 


That same day, the penultimate day of the festival, Morana Ikić Komljenović will hold the workshop Distribute This! (Green Edition), where she will explain, in detail, the ways and means of preparing a film project – from developing the idea all the way to finalising and distributing it. The workshop will take place in Mini Art-kino from 1 until 3 PM on 25 November, and will allow you to delve into every aspect of film production. Morana will share her experience and give practical advice on how to convert the idea into a proper project, how to prepare the script and make sure your story is successfully told on the silver screen. No matter if you are a film enthusiast, producer, director, screenwriter, or simply want to learn more about the world of cinema, this workshop is made for you and will give you a worthy introduction. After the workshops and film programme, we invite you to the final party in Nemo, where we will celebrate a successful decade at 11:00 p.m. The musical atmosphere will be provided by TBF member and half of Banana sound – Luka Barbić, who navigates through various styles and periods. Reggae, funk, pop & hip-hop, 80s, 90s, 00s, will get your feet dancing!


On the last day of the festival, from 2 until 5 PM, the audience can take part in How To Get Lost In The Safe Space workshop by Rijeka- and Berlin-based artist Petra Mrša. This workshop offers an artistic methodology of enticing an intimate engagement and exploring the space between the digital domain and the body. The workshop takes place in Filodrammatica. If you are more attuned to talk and watch films, we invite you to Tales of Studying in the lobby of Art-kino. Mirela Džafić has prepared an inspiring conversation and some warm food that heals even the worst hangover, to accompany the screening of “Stuffed”, a short fiction film made by the students of Rijeka’s Academy of Applied Arts. Join us in a conversation with talented students, former winners of the decade of STIFF, to hear and share experiences from the world of cinema: what are their creative processes like, what challenges and obstacles have they encountered? Join us for the closing ceremony of our festival in the always-pleasant Art-kino, in a relaxed discussion and an afternoon breakfast.

We are looking forward to you coming and celebrating this year’s festival, and looking forward to a new decade of creativity and hard work!

For the workshops register at: [email protected]

Entrance to all the programmes of STIFF is free of charge.