Fourth chapter of 10th STIFF

Time flies, days pass by, and the penultimate day of the festival is here. We have two workshops for you this afternoon. First up is Distribute this! with Morana Ikić Komljenović in Mini Art-kino from 1 until 3 PM. Morana will teach you all you need to know about filmmaking, from production to distribution. Next, you can learn How to love in many ways in Filodrammatica, from 3 until 5 PM. This workshop explores the wider notions of love and serves as a playground to take care of oneself and of their surroundings.

The day before last opens with Hushing, a programme block that explores the theme of perseverance and adaptation in the life of an individual. While dealing with pressures and challenges, the characters in this block find their own ways to cope with adversities. The Israeli drama Our Son sees a mother fighting to get a place in school for her autistic son. This story explores the perseverance of mothers and the fight for the right to education. Tense drama Herstory is set during Polish female rights demonstrations in 2020 and follows the 17-year-old Ola in her fight for female independence. The film looks at her struggle for her rights and her identity.  Animated fantasy And then… questions the consequences of complete and total personal freedom, delving about children’s fantasies. This programme block ends with Eva, a Russian documentary film that follows a former literature teacher who became a porno-actress and is not afraid to share her story. The film questions limits of personal freedoms and the price one is willing to pay for it. This block brings us stories of challenges, perseverance and quest for personal freedom, exploring various aspects of lives of individuals dealing with pressures and changes in their surroundings.

Hushing is followed by Meanwhile, a programme block exploring the themes of transformation and renewal in the lives of individuals after break-ups and losses. It deals with different stories of people going through rough times, but finding strength and starting anew. In the Polish drama After Sunday, former partners meet again in an emotional encounter, questioning the nature of break-ups and new beginnings. It is a mirror to (un)breakable relationships and (im)possible new beginnings. The Croatian animated Bird House is a gentle story following a relationship from the inception until the break-up, exploring personal growth that comes as a result of such experiences. The Estonian Days Without talks about a one-year-old girl losing a mother, and a husband losing a wife. It explores their search for meaning and togetherness while waiting for her to return. This block ends with the Israeli documentary Unwell Mind conveying a message on the importance of friendship and mutual support through the story of Danna and Yael, two students, women with disabilities. It emphasises the importance of friendship and having the right person by your side. Meanwhile brings us stories of transformation, strength and inspiring new beginnings, of people searching for bravery and renewal of life when it is falling through the cracks.

This day ends with Blaze, a programme block looking into the beauty of everyday life can best be noticed in everyday places. Uniqueness is all around us, even in the saddest moments. This programme block brings us stories that glow in a special way, and examines different aspects of human experience. Sometimes, all it takes to discover the magic of life in everyday situations is to take a glance below the surface, where people, stories and moments blaze in their own distinctive ways. The Spanish fiction Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays takes us on a cinematic journey where the bright Spanish sun shines the light on the lives of young Britons, showing us how the magic of summer shapes the experiences of young people and brings about fresh perspectives. The Serbian documentary Anatomy of Hypomania sees a protagonist find the peculiarities of life in all its details, even if it means getting disappointed by the experience. The block closes with Babyboy, a story about 16-year-old Vincent searching for his place in the world, somewhere between childhood and adulthood. This programme block invites us to put on our pink glasses and fall in love with the mundane moments by delving deeper in everyday life. Through these tales we probe the magnificent nature of human existence and develop a new perspective on the beauty of everyday situations.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, take a moment and visit SKC Gallery, and then join us for the final party in club Nemo, to celebrate our tenth anniversary with us. Luka Barbić, a member of TBF and half of Banana Sound, will take care of the music atmosphere, skillfully navigating through various styles and eras. Reggae, funk, pop & hip-hop, the 80s, 90s, and 2000s will get your feet moving on the dance floor!

The entrance to all STIFF programmes is free!