First chapter of 10th STIFF

The time has come for the first day of the 10th STIFF. We are bidding farewell to a decade of best international student films and openly embrace new decades. The first celebratory drinks bring us three fabulous films in a programme block named Aberrations.

First up is a the Russian drama Red, Yellow, Green, a story about a young car mechanic trying to save her father from committing suicide, asking questions about family, love, and life. The Hungarian animated The Garden of Heart follows, presenting a young artist struggling with an existential crisis on the day of an important exam. This opening block ends with the Slovak documentary After the Wedding, exploring how to harmonise passions and living together in a relationship of 12 years. After the official opening we move to SKC Gallery for another toast – the opening of the international exhibition Démodé, followed by a get-together in Palach.

We suggest walking home, or taking a bus or a taxi, to be safe after all those toasts. 🙂