Fifth chapter of 10th STIFF

The last day of the festival is an ideal moment to relax, and so we bring you a special event called Tales of Studying. We will let ourselves be carried by the inspiring tales of filmmaking and hear about challenges that authors face in their quest to bring their ideas to the big screen. After the talk we will move to the screening of Stuffed, a short (and sour) fiction produced by the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

The first programme block of the day is Out loud, and it brings us tales that consider important aspects of communications and human relationships. This programme block reminds us how, sometimes, we talk too much, and don’t say the significant bit, leaving the important things unsaid in a sea of vacuous words and everyday routines. The Croatian fiction It’s not cold for Mosquitoes sees the protagonist trying to soothe his isolation through incessant conversation with his guests. This film examines the need to talk to and be connected to fellow humans. The documentary film Life Line is inspiring us to respect what we do have in life by showing us a warm relationship between an aunt from Bosnia and her niece from Switzerland. It will certainly inspire us to respect what we have and hold on to it firmly. The Slovak animated Ana talks of the experience of fighting anorexia, reminding us that we need to remain open and talk about difficult subjects. This programme block ends with Liquid Bread where an unexpected visit by the granddaughter Zoya into a family home dishevels the routine and causes tragicomic moments. This film explores changes in the dynamics of a family, and difficulties of communication. Out loud encourages us to think about the importance of communicating frankly, and how relationships and human connections form with words and gestures. It also reminds us of the importance of talking and listening in every kind of relationship.

The very end brings about Tremors, with sugar on top. This programme block explores lives marked by obstacles and challenges, but that nevertheless find inner strength and a spark that keeps them afloat. Even when the obstacles are not warranted and difficult to overcome, life can still keep the brightness and strength if we choose to fight for happiness. Films in this programme block carry inspirational stories that show struggle, resilience, and inspiration of the individuals confronting hard fortunes. The Israeli drama No Hearts in Stock shows two young girls putting their lives on hold while waiting for a new heart from donors, facing the fight to survive and hoping for a better future. In the Hungarian animated Lights society casts away light bulbs, and every lightness can drive away darkness. The Canadian documentary The Repair Shop follows, an inspirational tale of queer car mechanics. The last film in this block is the German fiction Of Kisses and Capes, a tale about a young couple of people with disabilities planning their first trip. This film explored their love story and their wish to make their dreams come true. This programme block brings us tales of resilience, willpower, and inspiration in facing obstacles. These stories stimulate us to think how life can shine even in the most dire circumstances.

After the final screening, join us for the awards ceremony, after which  we invite you to shine one last time in SKC Gallery and Palach. We hope you enjoyed the films and the side programme, and see you in the next decade of STIFF!