40 cinematic reasons for pleasure, offered by STIFF

The tenth edition of International Student Film Festival – STIFF is just around the corner, bringing you 40 fantastic short- and medium-length films from all over the world. These 40 films, presented in 11 programme blocks, were carefully selected by Maša Drndić and Marta Ban.

As is the tradition, the festival is happening in Art-kino in Rijeka, while the side programme is taking place in SKC Gallery, Palach and Filodrammatica. Each of the competition categories (fiction, documentary, and animation) has a three-member jury that will select the best of the best, while the audience will also be voting for their favourite film.

To properly prepare for this unforgettable experience, we offer you a breakdown of films by the categories, alongside the date and programme block name.


There are 19 fiction films:

Red, Yellow, Green, Vera Vasilieva, Russian Federation, 2023 (Aberrations, 22 November), Runaway, Salome Kintsurashvili, Georgia, 2022 (Prophecies, 23 November), A Beautiful Wildflower Meadow, Emi Buchwald, Poland, 2022 (Constellations, 23 November), Short Cut Grass, David Gašo, Croatia, 2023 (Constellations, 23 November), Waiting Room, Katarina Zrinka Šarić, Czech Republic, 2023. (Beats, 24 November), Joža, Jan Krevatin, Slovenia, 2022 (Beats, 24 November), Men in Blue, Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda, USA, 2022 (Breaking Points, 24 November),  Our Son, Henya Brodbeker, Israel, 2022 (Hushing, 25 November), Herstory, Tomasz Stuleblak, Poland, 2023 (Hushing, 25 November), After Sunday, Sebastian Drożak, Poland, 2022 (Meanwhile, 25 November), Days Without, Ívar Erik Yeoman, Estonia / Portugal / Scotland, 2022 (Meanwhile, 25 November), Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays, Christian Avilés, Spain, 2022 (Blaze, 25 November), Fragmentations, Miruna Minculescu, Romania, 2021 (In Between, 24 November), Babyboy, Jannik Weiße, Germany, 2023 (Blaze, 25 November), It’s Not Cold for Mosquitoes, Josip Lukić and Klara Šovagović, Croatia, 2022 (Out loud, 26 November), Liquid Bread, Alica Bednáriková, Slovakia, 2021 (Out loud, 26 November), No Hearts in Stock, Shahar Shabtay, Israel, 2022 (Tremors, 26 November), Of kisses and capes, Germany, 2022 (Tremors, 26 November), and Boiling, Luka Đikanović, Montenegro, Czech Republic, 2023 (Breaking Points, 24 November).


There are 9 animated films:

The Garden of Heart, Olivér Hegyi, Hungary / Slovakia, 2022 (Aberrations, 22 November), Breaking the ice, Tara Klepac, Croatia, 2023 (Prophecies, 23 November), The Cat, Zofia Strzelecka, Poland, 2022 (Beats, 24 November), Friendly Fire, Tom Koryto Blumen, Israel, 2022 (Breaking Points, 24 November), And Then…, Tanja Nuijten, Leo Graf and Raphael Stalder, Switzerland, 2022 (Hushing, 25 November), Bird House, Petra Pavetić Kranjčec, Croatia, 2023 (Meanwhile, 25 November), Ana, Romana Candráková, Slovakia, 2022 (Out loud, 26 November), Lights, Adél Palotás, Hungary, 2022 (Tremors, 26 November), and Fur, Zhen Li, USA, 2022 (Prophecies, 23 November).


In the documentary category, there are 12 films:

After the Wedding, Matej Klucik, Slovakia, 2022 (Aberrations, 22 November), Uncle Vakho’s Dream, Joanna Rój, Poland, 2022 (Prophecies, 23 November), Filho, Tomas Ponsteen, Norway, 2022 (Constellations, 23 November), Samira, Anna Anat Gofman Banai, Israel, 2021 (Beats, 24 November), Knin – Zadar, Melita Vrsaljko, Croatia, 2023 (In Between, 24 November), Border Conversations, Jonathan Brunner, Germany, 2022 (In Between, 24 November), How shall we comfort ourselves, Machiel van Hoek, Netherlands, 2022 (Breaking Points, 24 November), Eva, Olga Smirnova, Russia, 2022 (Hushing, 25 November), Unwell Mind, Danna Levy, Israel, 2021 (Meanwhile, 25 November), Anatomy of Hypomania, Mina Vavan, Serbia / France, 2022 (Blaze, 25 November), Life Line, Sara Čolić, Aline Danielle Bavier, Switzerland, 2022 (Out loud, 26 November), and The Repair Shop, Namai Kham Po, Canada, 2022 (Tremors, 26 November).


All the programmes of the festival are free of charge – as always!