10th STIFF: Open Call for Artwork

Supporting program of the 10th Student International Film Festival STIFF

Audiovisual and performing artists, as well as individuals and collectives from other creative disciplines, are invited to submit their artwork for the exhibition program of the 10th STIFF Festival, which will be held November 22-26 in Rijeka, Croatia.

Various perspectives are welcome, from social or intimate to conceptual approaches. Submissions are open to audiovisual media, performances, participative works and instructions, digital works (GIF, meme, NFT, computer graphics, 3D objects, video games, websites, apps, video), installations, interactive objects, machines, as well as sound works and textual works that can be interpreted in the exhibition or public space while dealing with the subject of THE DECADE in the broadest sense.

For the last ten years, the STIFF Festival has produced an extensive supporting program that elaborates and complements the thematic focus of its film program. With an emphasis on critical contemporary art practices, STIFF’s exhibition program gathers artists from all over the globe, dealing with relevant social, political, and intimate aspects of everyday life.

This year the focus is directed on the subject of the Decade. Since the festival is celebrating 10 years of its existence, the exhibition will also explore and examine the changes that occurred during the past ten years and how they infiltrated and transformed everyday life.

We invite you to look at the past decade through a documentary, experimental and intimate approach. The multimedia exhibition aims to bring together works that observe political and economic changes and how they are reflected in everyday life. How is the world of work changed by the growth of remote positions and freelancing? What is the impact of developing technology on the quality of life and interpersonal relationships? How do political turbulences, dislocations and environmental changes affect the experience of being on Earth? Looking at popular culture and the migration to the space of social platforms, how does art reflect practices and content circulating in virtual spaces: memes, gifs, tweets, and how do they reflect conflicts, lethargy or resistance?

We invite you to troll the status quo and be open about how it felt growing in your skin. What are you appreciating? What are you grateful for? What are you cultivating? We are looking for interventions that lead the visitors to reminisce on the past, challenge the present, and speculate new futures.

As a supporting festival program, the multimedia exhibition aims to create a special audio-visual experience that calls for reflection, contemplation and action, showing how we establish interpersonal relationships, how interweaving technological advancements affect our lives, and how social narratives construct new spaces and our movements through them.

The deadline for application is 30 June 2023 – EXTENDED


  1. submissions are made via the form on the link
  2. submitted artwork must be original
  3. one person can submit a maximum of two artworks or one artwork series 
  4.  artworks should be in the optimal resolution  
  5. this is a non-competitive exhibition and no prizes will be awarded

For questions, contact us at [email protected].

visual: Dominik Višnjić

image: exhibition view, all GAME no PLAY (2022.), artwork Suspensions by Clara Palli, Galerija SKC, Rijeka