10th STIFF has been announced!

At a press conference held at the Art Cinema, Maša Drndić, Jana Ažić, Katarina Erak, and Slobodanka Mišković announced the upcoming festival. This year’s edition is dedicated to the 10th anniversary, with the official opening scheduled for next Wednesday, November 22.


Maša Drndić, artistic director and selector of STIFF, thanked Art Cinema and SKC for their collaboration without which STIFF would not be possible. In 10 years, 6500 films have been submitted, of which 400 have been screened, and 50 awards have been given. Among them were 7 Croatian titles, demonstrating that domestic films have become increasingly competitive. She also emphasized that this year’s program includes a candidate for the Student Oscars. Jana Ažić, the head of the Student Cultural Center at the University of Rijeka, highlighted how important the festival is as part of the University’s identity, due to the students’ involvement in creating the entire festival. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of collaboration with the Academy of Applied Arts, so the theme is in the spirit of celebrating inter-student cooperation. Katarina Erak, a member of the curatorial team of the international exhibition Démodé, greeted the seventh edition of the accompanying program in which authors will discuss significant issues of the past decade and the intimate and global changes caused by the development of technology and industry. Slobodanka Mišković, the director of the public institution Art Cinema, congratulated on the 10th anniversary of the festival, which coincides with the 15th year of Art Cinema, further marking this valuable collaboration.


See you on Wednesday, November 22, at the opening of the 10th STIFF at Art Cinema at 7:00 PM, and at the opening of the exhibition at the SKC Gallery.

Here’s to a new decade filled with the best student films!