Second chapter of 10th STIFF

Walk with us to the second day of the festival, with a programme block titled Propheciesexploring how the past shapes our future, and how the signs around us only acquire meaning over time.

First up, a documentary film Uncle Vakho’s Dream follows a blind man in a remote mountains in Georgia, battling his suffering and family tragedies. This films offers fantastic vistas and a quiet insight into the human soul. In the Croatian animated Breaking the ice, frozen landscapes form the background for two protagonists to develop a friendship that will help them overcome solitude. Fur follows a journey of a girl in love grasping with the realities of love, looking at the world through pink glasses. The block ends with the Georgian fiction Runaway, where a runaway breaks the family routine, asking hard questions of compassion and interfamilial relationships. This block offers a number of profound tales that encourage us to think about the interaction of past and future events, and how signs often reveal themselves at most unexpected moments.

Hope you are ready for more cinematic pleasures, for there is a second programme block called Constellations. This block reminds us of the importance of human relationships and how they intertwine, often playing a crucial role in our upbringing. The Polish A Beautiful Wildflower Meadow shows a neurotic father taking his daughter to the airport, turning a routine trip into a battle with his inner demons. The Croatian fiction Short Cut Grass, uncovers the mythology behind a well-connected neighbourhood in Osijek. This story is imbued with considerations on the importance of the community that shapes our everyday lives. The last film in this block, the Dutch documentary Filho, faces the question of looking for the biological parents, in this case following the author who got everything he needed from his adopted family.  The film is inviting us to ponder on the questions of identity, origins, and the relationships that form us.

After these two fantastic programme blocks, join us in SKC Gallery and visit the exhibition Démodé, open for the entire duration of the festival. Palach is open, if you want to continue toasting. 

Let’s celebrate!

The entrance to all STIFF programmes is free!