As every year, the Student International Film Festival invited students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, under the mentorship of prof. art. Aljoša Brajdić and assistant Korina Hunjak, to create and design solutions for this year’s visual identity of STIFF.

The thematic focus of the 9th edition of the festival is PLAY, so students were encouraged to explore human activities that have no basis in purpose, and to focus on reaffirming the seriousness of playing as an activity through which we learn about ourselves and the world while maintaining the imperative of pleasure and creation.

The design of student Ivana Kutni Mihić was chosen among 11 creative and diverse solutions.

The student has developed an effective and playful visual solution that perfectly communicates this year’s theme of the 9th Student  International Film Festival. Imaginatively developed variations on the theme and their application to promotional materials ingeniously derive from the very nature of the game “Kolarić Panić” and at the same time evoke nostalgia (monochrome hands, the game of some older generations), but also modernity through the range and intensity of colors used for ribbon and typography. 

The proposed concept maturely speaks of togetherness, playfulness, skill, creativity, simplicity, and intricacy, and in addition to the simple message of the game, it also brings a range of deeper meanings with the ever-present call to play. The visual, although static, with its concept and story “becomes” active, calling for action, for the creation and unraveling, for “taking the thread into one’s own hands”.

The selected solution will be further developed and applied to the materials under the student mentorship of last year’s author of the winning solution, Gea Rajić.

We thank everyone for their hard work and wonderful elaborations of their proposals and congratulations to the winners!

See you in the fall from November 24th to 27th!


*STIFF is Croatia’s first International Film Festival dedicated entirely to student films. Established by the Filmaktiv Association and SKC Rijeka (Student Cultural Center) – the purpose of the festival is to strengthen the student film and video industry by allowing an insight into the work of other fellow student filmmakers, encouraging the development of new ideas, and establishing international collaborations in the field of media production. STIFF’s main goal is to present the best of student film production from around the world and help them get their audiences. It strives to educate audiences about the quality of work of emerging filmmakers.

*STIFF is organized in partnership with Art-kino in Rijeka, and supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the City of Rijeka, and the University of Rijeka.