The 9th STIFF’s – forty reasons to see the animated, documentary, and fictional movies

We are approaching another edition of our favorite student film festival — the 9th edition of the STIFF International Student Film Festival brings 45 short and medium-length student films from all over the world organized into 11 program blocks chosen by three selectors: Maša Drndić, Marta Ban, and Sendi Bakotić.

As in previous years, the festival will take place in Rijeka’s Art-Cinema, and the accompanying content will be held in the SKC Gallery and the Palach Youth Cultural Center. A three-member jury in each category (fiction, documentary, and animated film) selects the best of the best, and the audience can choose their favorite.

In order to prepare in time, we present an overview of films according to film genres, competition categories, and the dates of the program blocks in which they will be shown.

Let the movie games begin!

In the feature film category, we have the opportunity to watch 16 titles:

Plavi Šum / Blue Noise, Simon Maria Kubiena, Germany, 2022 (Halftime, November 24); Fruits and Vegetables, Maciej Jankowski, Poland, 2021 (Pantomime, November 25); Babice / The Midwife, Anne-Sophie Bailly, France, 2021 (Addition, 25.11.); Our First Hit, Sara Grgurić, Croatia, 2021 (Addition, November 25); Courier, Elena Kulesh, Russia, 2022 (En Plain, 26.11.); Začetnik / The Architect, Mathieu Lorain Dignard, Canada, 2021 (En Plain, 26.11.); Prvi… / First…, Adam Hartwiński, Poland, 2021 (Dama, 26.11.); ROSANZI, Sunniva Kveum, Norway, 2020 (Zaleđe, November 26); The Howling, Bartosz, Poland, 2021 (Zaleđe, November 26); Tajna Soba / Warsha, Dania Bdeir, France, 2021 (All in, 26.11.); Lili je Sama / Lili Alone, Zou Jing, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2021 (Checkpoint, 27.11.); Borzaya, Simon Schneckenburger, Germany, 2021 (Time-out, 27.11.); Rodjaci / Cousins, Michal Haggiag, Israel, 2021 (Skrivači, 27.11.); Jesen Našeg Ljeta / Fall of our summer, Karlo Vorih, Croatia, 2021 (Skrivači, November 27); Tomorrow’s in a Few Hours / Tomorrow’s in a Few Hours, Jan Daniel, Czech Republic, 2021 (Špekule, 27.11.); Djevojka u Plavoja Haljini / The Girl in The Blue Dress, Teo Morosin, Croatia, 2021. (All in, 26.11.);Voli Me / Love Me, Romane Garant Chartrand, Canada, 2021. (Spekule, 27.11.);

14 titles will compete for the best-animated films:

Animalno Trenje / Animal Locomotion, Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota, Israel, 2021 (Halftime, November 24); Tiho Dijete / The Silent Type, Avital Kronfeld, Shahar Korren, Israel, 2021 (Pantomime, November 25); Slouch, Michael Bohnenstingl, United States of America, 2022 (Pantomime, 25/11); Curiosity / Curiosa, Tessa Moult-Milewska, Great Britain, 2022 (Addition, 25.11.); Ocarane / Carried away, Daniel Makmal, Israel, 2021 (Dama, 26.11.); Lončareva Kći / The potter’s daughter, Edern Guichard, France, 2021 (Lady, 26.11.); Vjeran Pas / Have a Nice Dog!, Jalal Maghout, Germany, Syria, 2020 (Zaleđe, November 26); Narančina Kora / Orange Peel, Isidora Vulic, Serbia, 2020 (Zaleđe, November 26); PORE, Clémence Pica Rogge, Belgium, 2021 (All in, 26.11.); Orahovo Srce / The heart of Betel Nuts, CHENG-TSE Wu, Taiwan, 2022 (Checkpoint, 27.11.); Matapacos, Karla Riebartsch, Lion Durst, Germany, 2022 (Time-out, 11/27); Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Sarai Abergel, Noy Friman, Guy Livnat, Israel 2021 (Skrivači, 27.11.); Zlatne Margarite / Golden Margarite, Keren Karasik, Israel, 2021 (Spekule, 27.11.); Parade / Parade, Léa Buffard, Belgium, 2021 (Spekule, 27.11.);

While in the documentary film category, ten titles will fight for the title of the best;

JA, JA I JA / ME MYSELF ANDI, Lili Zahavi, Germany, 2022 (Halftime, November 24); Svjetlosne Godine / Light Years, Monika Proba, Poland 2021 (Pantomime, November 25); Esther, Ana Scheu Amigo, Switzerland, 2021 (Addition, 25/11); One Thousand and One Attempts To Be An Ocean / One Thousand and One Attempts To Be An Ocean, Wang Yuyan, France, 2022 (En Plain, 26.11.); Sacrificed, David Sanchez, Canada, 2021 (Dama, 26.11.); Valovi / Waves, Klara Dujmović, Croatia, 2022 (Dama, November 26); Moj Prijatelj Aleksandar Grigorjević / My Friend Alexander Grigorievich, Pavel Zelenov, Russia, 2022 (Checkpoint, November 27); If This Street Were Mine / If This Street Were Mine, Julia Lea de Toledo, Brazil, Argentina, 2022 (Time-out, 27.11.); Babajanja, Ante Zlatko Stolica, Croatia, 2022 (Skrivači, November 27);

We cannot wait to dive into 40 new movie worlds!

In addition to the films in the competition program, we will also watch five non-competition documentaries created as part of the Filmaktiv Association’s New Documentary Film School:

In Medias Res, Ana Klepo, Croatia, 2022 (All in, November 26)

(p)artisan / (P)artisan, Jelena Androić, Croatia, 2022 (En Plain, November 26)

Flora, David Kumpare, Croatia, 2022 (Checkpoint, 27.11.)

Nocturne / Nocturne, Silvija Bumbak, Croatia, 2022 (Time-out, 27.11.)

Puta Toliko / That Much More, Nina Sorić, Croatia, 2022 (En Plain, November 26)