Daily recommentations of 9th STIFF — Day 4/4

We start the last day at the earliest – even at 15:30 – with the CHECKPOINT 16:00 block consisting of 4 films. The block opens with FLORA, a documentary film by author David Kumpare, in which we follow the eponymous heroine who, in the process of growing up, gradually discovers who she is. Then we will watch the documentary MY FRIEND ALEKSANDAR GRIGOJEVIC, authored by Pavel Zelenov. On the screen, we see a lonely protagonist who is dealing with the problem of aging and alienation from his own family and whose only friend is a cat. After that, we will watch the animated film THE HEART OF A BETEL NUTS by Cheng-Tse Wu, which in four minutes shows the author’s nostalgic memories and touches on the environmental problems that Taiwan is struggling with.

Furthermore, we watch the feature film LILI ALONE, authored by Zou Jing, the story of a lonely and poor protagonist whose goal is to save her dying father. In addition to her poverty, her husband, a gambler, creates a problem for her. See how Lili copes with loneliness in Art-kino on the festival’s last day.

In the second block of the last day of STIFF, TIME-OUT, we watch four films from 17:00. Time-out begins with the film NOCTURNE by Silvija Bumbak. We are familiar with the “impossibility of sleeping” in the dead of night, i.e., insomnia. This film deals precisely with immersion in thoughts and the sharpening of senses after dark. Next, we go from the dark to the seemingly bright Rio de Janeiro through the documentary IF THIS STREET WERE MINE by Julie Lee de Toledo, and we discover what can be seen in Rio de Janeiro when we step away from the aesthetic streets of the capital and go out into the poorer streets. Then we will watch the animated film MATAPACOS by Karla Riebartsch and Lion Durst. In this activism-oriented film, the authors try to bring us closer to what happens when activism goes too far and how to re-encourage yourself to continue delivering your message after the time-out. Finally, we end the block with the film BORZAYA, authored by Simon Schneckburger. This feature film follows the protagonist in collecting financial resources to save her forestry company. How the money will be obtained and whether the rescue operation will succeed, see in Art-kino.

The third block of films is called HIDE AND SEEK and consists of 4 films. The block opens with the film BABAJANJA, a documentary by Croatian author Ante Zlatko Stolic. The film follows the narrator as he tries to find a mysterious woman who scared him as a child. After it, we will watch the feature film COUSINS, authored by Michal Haggiag. On the screen, we follow the summer story of two children who discover what love is, its secrets, and betrayals. The authors of the third film, LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, are Sarai Abergel, Noy Friman, and Guy Livnat. It deals with the issue of lying to children and what children’s imaginations can create from “harmless” lies. The last film in this block is FALL OF OUR SUMMER, a feature film by Zagreb author Karl Vorih. The film follows the protagonist Karl and his feelings that arise after moving in with a girlfriend. Find out his life after this critical step and whether he can live in the past on the last day of this year’s STIFF.

The block with which we close this year’s STIFF and throw ourselves into voting and choosing the best film is MARBLES, which consists of four films that will close the festival. The final part begins with the film LOVE ME, authored by Romana Garant Chartrand. The film follows a young girl who tries to find love while juggling different social expectations set for her. On the screen, we are then entertained by the animated film GOLDEN MARGARITE by Keren Karasik, which guides us into the lives of three teenagers. Through this film, we will be shown another view of the city and sounds in the deserted city. Next, TOMORROW’S FOR A FEW HOURS, by Jan Daniel, is a feature film that follows a group of young people who enjoy a relaxed life of partying and drinking alcohol. However, their childhood freedom is interrupted by the illness of one of their friends. Finally, we will end the festival as we started it, with a colorful animated, playful film. The movie PARADE, by Lea Buffard, will round off this playful STIFF story with a parade full of stripes, squares, blankets, and so much more. Come and celebrate the playfulness of this year’s STIFF with us and cast your appreciative votes so we can choose the STIFF favorite and award the jury awards.

See you at the final game on Sunday, November 27, at 15:30.

Entry to the entire program of the STIFF film festival is free!