Daily recommentations of 9th STIFF — Day 2/4

On the second day of STIFF, we start socializing at 6:00 p.m. and watch movies until 9:30 p.m. Today we have eight films in our repertoire. Of these, two are documentaries, three are animated, and three are feature films. Documentary films are brought to us by authors Ana Scheu Amigo with the film ESTHER and Monika Proba with the film LIGHT YEARS. Through the film Light Years, we follow Vitali, who, anticipating changes in his life, creates a small world of his own outside of earthly time with his friends from the seminary. In the movie Esther, we follow the heroine of the same name who, through the change of place where she lives, also changes many attitudes. The animated films we are watching today are THE SILENT TYPE by Avital Kronfeld and Shahar Korren, SLOUCH by Michael Bohnenstingl, and CURIOSA by Tessa Moult-Milewska. The film The Quiet Child shows us a world of imagination in which a girl with social anxiety is confined. Slouch is a film where the main character struggles between creating a career and devoting himself to family life. Curiosity is a film in which, together with the main protagonist, we go into her partner’s head, where we come across unexpected and surprising things. From feature films, today we are watching FRUITS AND VEGETABLES by Maciej Jankowski, THE MIDWIFE by Anne-Sophie Bailly, and OUR FIRST HIT by Sara Grgurić. The film Fruits and Vegetables follows the boy Wojtek’s rebellion against his mother and his lack of self-confidence due to his obesity. “Our First Attempt” follows the plan of three friends to preserve their friendship. In the film “Midwife,” we return to the Middle Ages, where we follow the main character in the events after a stranger gathers the entire village in a small village church. Enjoy today with us in this attractive movie menu that will satisfy even the pickiest palates.

At 21:00 we movet to SKC Gallery on Extended play — Artist talk under moderation of Katarina Erak after which Maria Chiara Ziosi takes us into the world of her performance Some Songs.