Daily recommentations of 9th STIFF — Day 3/4


The third day starts at 16:00 with the program block EN PLAIN, which consists of five competitive films. First, the block begins with the out-of-competition documentary film (p)artisan, authored by Jelena Androić, also a jury member for the documentary film, which follows a young artist from Rijeka and his troubles on the way to realization. The film was created as part of the New School of Documentary Film of the Filmaktiv association. Secondly, after the young fighter, we hang out with the young delivery man, Max, in the film COURIER, authored by Elena Kulesh. This feature film follows the whirlwind of love of a young deliveryman and how it affects his life. Then, after a shallow look into a young man’s life, we switch to the attempt and (impossibility) of seeing the world from the depths with the documentary film ONE THOUSAND AND ONE ATTEMPTS TO BE AN OCEAN, authored by Wang Yuyan.

Furthermore, we are watching another feature film called THE ARCHITECT, authored by Matheiu Lorain Dignard. This film follows a former bodybuilder and gambling addict who lives with his parents and tries to escape difficult situations by selling protein. Finally, we end the block with the documentary THAT MUCH MORE, by Nina Sorić, which follows the author and her mother as they clear the road to the sea. And to each other.

The next block, called CHECKERS, is dedicated to women and consists of five films that follow the female protagonists in various events. The first film in the block is the feature film FIRST…, by Adam Hartwinski, which follows Marysia, who learns that the child she is carrying has an incurable genetic defect. See the dilemma of a mother who has to decide on the continuation of her child’s life at Art-kino at 18:00.

The next film in the repertoire is CARRIED AWAY by Daniel Makmal, which follows the destruction of the balance in the company of four girls on a wild island due to the appearance of bras. After the animated film, we will return to documentary film with the film SACRIFICED, authored by David Sanchez. This film follows a young activist and what consequences she is willing to suffer by promoting activism. Finally, you can see the young rebel at Art-kino at 18:30. Edern Guichard brings us the animated film THE POTTER’S DAUGHTER, in which we follow the story of the suppressed position of women in the history of art. Finally, Blok Checkers ends with the documentary and experimental film WAVES by Croatian author Klara Dujmović. Come and see the author’s artistic interpretation of waves and how they affect people.

The third block of OFFSIDE starts at 20:00 and consists of four films. First, we start the block with the animated film HAVE A NICE DOG!, authored by Jalal Maghout. The film follows the main character, who lives in a time affected by war, while only his dog Baroud offers him company and comfort. After that, we watch the film ROSANAZI by Sunniva Kveum, where we follow a renegade gang of neo-Nazis and their idea and interpretation of morality and loyalty. Next, ORANGE PEEL is a colorful animated film by author Isodora Vulić that takes place on the train back from Spain. Finally, we end the block with the feature film THE HOWLING by Bartosz Brzezinski, which deals with the theme of growing up and discovering oneself in the difficult conditions of a small town. Find out how the film’s hero will discover and accept his identity at Art-kino starting at 20:00.

The last block of the third day is the ALL IN program block, consisting of four films. We start the block with IN MEDIAS RES, a film from the New School of Documentary Film of the Filmaktiv association, authored by Ana Klepo. Through the documentary, we follow the heroine who tries to do her best to find herself in the sea of ​​consumerism and lies down at night waiting for a better tomorrow. The film was awarded at the Liburnia Film Festival and is shown out of competition. The second in line in this block is the feature film WARSHA, authored by Danie Bdeir. The film follows Mohammad, a construction worker who finds solace and escape from the social hierarchy that keeps him on the highest and most dangerous crane. After the construction worker on the screen, we will follow THE GIRL IN THE BLUE DRESS, authored by Teo Morosin and Eric Ušić, who embarks on an uncertain adventure of a mythical enchanted peninsula. This is a feature film with elements of a musical that has distinctive and interesting characters and is interspersed with humor and song. Finally, we end the block with the animated film PORE, by Clemence Pica Rogga, which follows two people returning home drunk. The third day of STIFF will end with their drunken adventure. Come and see how these fantastic stories played out in Art-kino.

Entry to the entire program of the STIFF film festival is free!