Daily recommentations of 9th STIFF — Day 1/4

We start the rich film program of STIFF on Thursday, November 24, with three films. On the first day, they will present three films in three categories: documentary, fiction, and animation. We start the film screenings with the film ANIMAL LOCOMOTION. This is an animated film by Asa Rikin and Noga Sirota. Animal Friction is a non-narrative film that uses colors and different animated film techniques. Through the film, we immerse ourselves in the “animal” part of man. The first feature film to be shown at the festival is the film BLUE NOISE, by Simon Mario Kubien. Blue Noise is a 16-minute feature film during which time we follow the main character on his journey to find himself. We will end the film screening on the first day with a documentary called ME MYSELF ANDI by Lili Zahvi. Through this documentary, we follow Lisa’s struggles as a student and her struggle with procrastination.

See you at 19:00 when we open the rich film story of this year’s STIFF.

At 21:00 we move to SKC Gallery on the opening of the international exhibition all GAME no PLAY from where DJ Sun Matt will take us to the night with his music selection.

Entry to all STIFF programs is free!