INVITATION TO * online * WORKSHOP AND EXHIBITION ‘Vibrational ecologies: Neighboring sounds’

We are inviting you to a workshop mentored by German artist Gabriel Hensche, which will be held online, in three encounters during May.

The workshop is part of the Sound Occupations, an accompanying program of the 7th STIFF held in November 2020, which is adapted to the new conditions of the epidemiological situation.


The central focus of the workshop is on exploring urban soundscapes, the exploration of ambiance, and the changes that take place in the sound of everyday life.

Workshop participants will master practical sound recording skills with an emphasis on advanced field recording techniques. After exploring the technological possibilities of recording, the focus will shift to the development of ideas and concepts that participants will be able to develop their own site-specific audio work that will dominate a particular location in the city. Synthesizing with the already existing visual and auditory sensations, rhythm, trajectory, color, and dynamics of movement – audio installations will create new sound landscapes, launch “living images” in space.

These works will be exposed to the public upon completion of the workshop. The workshop will be held in English and is open to anyone interested in researching sound and recording, regardless of previous experience. The number of participants is limited.


deadline is 22.4.2020. 

send to:  [email protected]

* short motivation, small introduction with two or three works or link to a portfolio/website, no skills necessary



Neighboring sounds/
an audio walk workshop by Gabriel Hensche

While Gabriel will lead the workshop online, participants will have access to analog equipment and engage in their offline surroundings. 

April 29 at 6 – 8 pm
May 6 at 6 – 8 pm
May 13 at 6 – 8 pm
May 15 at 6 pm (presentation)

In Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘Rear Window’ (1954) the main protagonist becomes a voyeur and witness, observing people with their desires, abysses, and banalities from the seclusion of his own four walls through the windows of the apartment block on the opposite side of his window. Based on our experiences of an on and off lockdown during the past year, in this workshop, we explore our own neighborhoods. We collect, research, and imagine stories from the surroundings of our own four walls, on the basis of which we develop an audio walk that starts right in front of the door of our own home. During this workshop, we will learn how to develop and record a binaural audio walk, that allows us to create an immersive walk, in which reality and fiction can’t be clearly separated.

The workshop (held in English) is open to everybody interested in exploring sound and audio. Whether they come with a lot of experience or very little is irrelevant – what is important is how far they are willing to learn, expand their skill set, and develop an audio walk. Depending on the wish of the participant the resulting audio walk could be shared with a wider audience after the workshop.

The program is financed by Croatian Film Directors Association (DHFR)



Gabriel Hensche *1986 in Dresden (DE), studied visual arts in Stuttgart (with Christian Jankowski) and Tel Aviv. He lives and works in Stuttgart and Berlin. 

His audio, performance, moving image, and installation work enter a dialogue with the situation and circumstances they emerge from and are concerned with the question of how we perceive things and how we construct our perception on the basis of our experiences—in relation to others but also in relation to the new media technologies increasingly saturating our everyday lives. Often located in a space where fiction and reality cannot be clearly separated, these works investigate contemporary belief systems through echoing, altering, and dispersing explanation models in order to explore possibilities for community and co-existence. 

His work has been presented in a wide range of contexts including Kunst-Werke Berlin (DE), Project Anywhere (NY), B-Tour Festival (DE, SRB), Nida Art Colony (LT), Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (FR) Art Cube Jerusalem (IL), Viafarini, Milan (IT), Akademie Schloss Solitude (DE), Württembergischer Kunstverein (DE), Sinopale (TR), Brooklyn Film Festival (US), Slamdance Film Festival (US), Manifesta 11, Cabaret der Künstler (CH). 

Since 2017, he helps, in the position of the directing manager, to build up the Campus Gegenwart (DE), a center for networking in practice and reflection – a collaboration of the State University of Music and Performing Arts and State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. In this context, he gained teaching experiences with interdisciplinary groups of students including visual artists, performers, musicians, and composers. 

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