Audio walk “Neighboring Sounds” in five European cities

On Tuesday, 29th of June at 7 PM Rijeka’s street Antuna Barca will become the starting point of an audio walk in one of the five European cities hosting the program “Neighboring Sounds”.

Birds, a playground, a drug dealer, an old lady listening to the Sunday sermon at full volume – what do you hear when you open your window? Where do these sounds come from and what do they tell you about the neighborhood you live in?

“Neighboring Sounds” is a selection of audio walks that explore the immediate environment of their creator’s neighborhood. Each of the five binaural audio walks begins right outside the author’s front door. They invite the viewer to embark on a walk through their neighborhood and immerse themselves in real and fictional worlds that stimulate our sensitivity to our vibrational surroundings, open new perspectives on the familiar, and lead us to question what it means to live together.

Since the authors of these audio walks live in four countries – Croatia, Serbia, the Netherlands, and Belgium – the starting points of the walks are far from each other and cannot be explored by the same audience at once. Thus, they are not primarily aimed at a traditional art audience, but first and foremost at neighbors, friends, and people from the neighborhood.

The walks can be permanently accessed with the viewer’s own devices (cell phones & headphones) via a QR code sticker at each starting point.


Rijeka: Antuna Barca 12,  Kristina Paunovski

Varaždin: Ul. Otokara Keršovanija 9 Bela Bračko-Milešević

Novi Sad: Lasla Gala 32 Marija Stojadinović

Groningen: Eendrachtskade Zuidzijde 4, Ivana Đerić

Bruxelles: Rue Defacqz 141, 1060 Saint Gilles Iva Galović

Neighboring Sounds is a selection of audio walks created during a workshop ‘Urban Vibrations’ by Gabriel Hensche. The program is organized by The Student International Film Festival – STIFF as a part of the Sound Occupations, an accompanying program of the 7th STIFF held in November 2020, which is adapted to the new conditions of the epidemiological situation and financed by the Croatian Film Directors Association (DHFR).