Giovanni Robbiano Opens Educational Programme of STIFF 2019

6th Student International Film Festival (STIFF, from 17 until 20 October) will screen 45 excellent short movies from 20 countries across the globe. Theme of this edition of STIFF is Fear, so throughout the programme we will debate on the origins and consequences of the culture of fear, about interest, roles and narratives that scare us and make us feel unsafe, both as individuals and as a collective. In shocking, humorous, poetic, brave and metaphorical ways, these films look at the little guy in the vortex of contemporary society.

stiff 2019 workshop

In line with the theme a rich educational programme, Fearless Filmmaking (15th – 20th October), consisting of series of workshops, lectures and talks that will guide us through methods of resistance and struggle against fear and oppression. Special emphasis will be given to brave and creative expressions and decisions in film and art in general.

Of special interest is the intensive three-day screenplay development workshop with renown screenwriter, director and creative producer Giovanni Robbiano. A limited number of attendees will analyse and develop screenplays, with particular focus on their own ideas and projects. Robbiano was lecturer at numerous universities – Bologna, IULM Milano, Genova, and Rome in Italy, as well as Universitè D’Evry – Val D´Essonne (UEVE) in France. He was head of International Department at FAMU in Prague, consultant for EU Media programme, at the International Forum of the Hong Kong, Venice Film Festival (Mostra) and Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale).

The workshop will take place from 15th until 17th October, starting at 5PM in Mini Art-kino. Applicants need to send a short letter of motivation and contact information to  [email protected] by 9 October. The number of attendees is limited.

Beside the screenplay workshop, a two-day workshop on distribution DISTRIBUTE THIS! with producer/director Morana Komljenović will introduce attendees to the world of possibilities and methods of distribution of audiovisual works, with special focus on contemporary tendencies. Morana Komljenović has for years been the head of Fade In production company in Zagreb, later head of acquisition and development of Taskovski Film in London. She is also a film director and producer, as well as author of a four-season TV show “At Tableside”. Currently executive director of Rab Film Festival and consultant for development, production and distribution of audiovisual works. The workshop will take place in Mini Art-kino on 19th October at 3PM and 20th October at 2PM, and is open to public.

You always wanted to make films, but were afraid it is impossible without institutional support? Members of the B.A.K.A. productions will prove otherwise. Goran Nježić, one of two directors and screenwriters, and Sara Salamon, cinematographer and editor, will share their experience in making their indy feature film Sweet Sunshine. The aim of the workshop is to present possibilities and limitations of indy production through analysis of shots and production values, with special emphasis on bravery of choices made. The workshop will take place in Mini Art-kino on 19th October at noon, and is open for everyone.