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Announcing the winner of this year’s STIFF visual solution contest!

After much discussion about the excellent proposals from APURI students, Artistic Director Katarina Kožul and longtime STIFF designer Gea Rajić have chosen the design that will represent the festival this year, marking the entry into a new decade — congratulations to Ira Andrea Potnar for the winning design! Once again, a big thank you to Continue Reading

SDF x STIFF: A Cinematic Spectacle is behind us

SDF x STIFF: A Cinematic Spectacle at the Žilav Park Campus was a Full-House! As you can see for yourselves, students and films — love each other And Žilavi Park didn’t mind opening its doors to such a large audience, award-winning films, free popcorn, and especially the extra cocktails mixed by the team from the Continue Reading

SDF x STIFF: A Cinematic Spectacle on Campus!

This year’s Student Day Festival brings something truly new – something unseen – as part of the warm-up for SDF! On Wednesday, June 5th at 9:30 PM, we are transforming Žilavi Park (the newly opened basketball court), in collaboration with Art-kino, into a cinema under the stars filled with award-winning student films. ???? Given the Continue Reading

STIFF in short

STIFF is an international festival dedicated to student and debutant films. Its purpose is to connect the audiences with the best works of the student and debutant film from all over the world. Its goal is to strengthen the local film production by creating networking opportunities and showing the work of film art which inspires new ideas.